wings and things


on May 27, 2012

Today, this gorgeous niece is visiting Anthony at the nursing lodge with her children. She lives in Perth (2 hours away) and is going back this afternoon. This is her with my ma awhile ago.

I wrote the following poem for her some time ago.

Mandy, Full of Grace

She’s one of those people whose face doesn’t change

Her baby face is her adult face

A beautiful face

A face to trust

When she was 12 and I was 18, I wanted her to be my little sister

I wanted to look like her

I wanted to look after her

I wanted to be her

I watch the way her children watch her

Their admiration of her is bright crimson, deep yellow, ocean blue

Their long-limbed bodies are just like hers

Poised, gracious, smiling, strong

I didn’t know she was suffering

And now I know

But she knows how to run

She runs and runs and runs, but not away

She runs into and around the blood-air of her life

Her breath ragged, her shoulders straight

Unflinchingly strong

And beautiful

She’s one of those people whose face doesn’t change

Her baby face is her adult face

A beautiful face

A face to trust

This is Mandy….

Full of grace

I sometimes wish I had a sister called Mandy. So this is ‘us’ – Mandy on the left and Julie on the right. When I call Mandy, she takes the bread and lettuce from my hand with a small chirrup of joy. When I call Julie, she yawns!

She loves Anthony and Anthony loves her.

Oh yeah – I love her too!


33 responses to “Mandy

  1. A beautiful poem Julie 🙂

  2. I didn’t know you had two white peahens. Are they both peahens?

  3. Rhonda says:

    Beautiful…and having Julie and Mandy in feathers? GREAT!

  4. Robyn Lee says:

    Such a lovely poem for Mandy – and I know she was honored. And to have a feathered friend as a namesake – what could be better 🙂

  5. niasunset says:

    Beautiful poem… Thank you dear Julie, love, nia

  6. Wonderful poem and niece/sister/bird!

  7. Mandy says:

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks for writing that poem about me! It means alot! It was so good seeing Ant’s! We walked outside and sat in the sun and then he ate his lunch! Roast dinner! It is sad seeing him like that because he was such a strong man in everyway! Take care! Love Mandy x

  8. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful face and lovely person. Mandy is lucky that she has you for an aunt Jules, for a friend.
    By the way, your mom is quite striking!

  9. What a cool tribute!

  10. brulionman says:

    this white couple at bottom pic look like two halves of the heart…

  11. bluebee says:

    Nice to have family close by to rely on

  12. Beautifully written, I love how you’ve named the birds, I am lucky enough to have a sister called Mandy she is wonderful too……

  13. cuhome says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Mandy!! Her children are very fortunate!

  14. Fergiemoto says:

    You wrote a lovely poem for her!

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