wings and things

A mother’s brilliant love

 My ma wrote this for me this morning!


You could have been born

in the slums of Djakarta

or Windsor Castle

or the child of a Cult

or blind

become a rock star

or an astronaut

or Mother Teresa

You could have been

A suburban housewife

Or an inventor

Or an athlete.

You could have discovered gold

Or been a surrogate mother

Or a member of ABBA

Or scavenged for food

On the rubbish heaps in India

You could have been a boy. Or a twin,

Or disabled or a concert pianist

You might have

Become a drug addict

Or climbed Mt Everest

Or saved the gorillas

Or joined the Hitler Youth

You may have been born in Israel or Bethlehem

Before Jesus’ time

Before the dinosaurs

You might have been Eve.

But you are Julie.


“All the days ordained for me

Were written in your book

Before one of them came to be.”


My mother with my son after his scoliosis surgery.