wings and things

My version of the Lord’s Prayer 2022 (a paraphrase)

“Father of the universe,

of our world, of us …

God, you are mind-blowingly obvious in everything – a grain of sand, the wings of a bird, and the human heart.

Earth is a beautiful but also an ugly place, so I guess it is our job, as your children, to foster the beauty until each of us reaches the mysterious realm of heaven. On the other hand, are we supposed to try to create heaven on earth in the here and now – with kindness, with gratitude, with joy?

Please nourish us, physically, emotionally and psychologically so that we can be strong enough to be spiritual.

Forgive us for all our stupid, petty, selfish mistakes and please enhance in us the willingness and ability to forgive.

I will plant my bare feet in the soil of the backyard this evening, look up into the starry, cloudy, dusky sky.

Then I will raise my arms for your giant, light-filled hug.”