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About Julie

My name is Julie and I live on a retired dairy farm in Western Australia. Early in 2012, my husband, Anthony, who has advanced Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer, went into a nursing home for respite care while our teenage son, Ming, had spinal surgery for severe scoliosis. After the surgery, the room Anthony was in became available permanently and we made the difficult decision to take up the offer. Not long after that I decided to resign from my job of 20 years as a lecturer in English and Creative Writing at the local university.

As a way of brightening our lives up, I started accumulating a few birds, so this blog is about what has turned out to be a fantastic, often hilarious, sometimes poignant, adventure – about wings and things.

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  1. sonia says:

    I’m on the notify list…love your stuff Julie, always have…you are such an inspiration!!!!….lotsa luv n light to u and yours!

  2. victoriaaphotography says:

    Hi Julie,
    just saw your message to follow my blog. I can see you have a fun time with birds in your lives and I enjoyed your writing. I think I’ll follow your Blog and enjoy your daily encounters too.
    Kind Regards
    Vicki (alias Victoria)

    • jmgoyder says:

      Hi Vicki
      Thank you. I’m following your blog because of the magnificent photos. I am really interested in improving my photographic skills so that I can better capture the beauty of our birds – very tempted to borrow one of yours – ha!
      I now have an email subscription box in my blog. I didn’t notice one in yours but I definitely your follower now.

    • Jaycee says:

      Your posintg lays bare the truth

  3. Julie –

    What a treat to find your blog this morning. I’m now a follower. Just the other night I watched a BBC show on biologist Joe Hutto, who raised 13 endangered wild turkeys. I’ve always been a big bird lover (in the wild), but the level of affection and curiosity of these birds was a real eye opener.

    Looking forward to your daily dose of humor, reality and insight.

  4. Northern Narratives says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for becoming a subscriber. I love birds and I am signing up to follow your blog. Nice to meet you, Judy in Minnesota

  5. avian101 says:

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog, I’m glad that you liked it. For what I can see from picture above, you do have a lovely family, I hope and wish a prompt recovery of your husband. You have a great narrative skill and great sense of humor.
    Let me know if I could have your permission to post at least one of the stories with the pictures included on my blog, you wold be on my guest spot.

  6. . says:

    Julie, thank you so much for the “like” on one of my posts. you have a great blog, and I will follow for sure. Your birds are awesome.

  7. valzone says:

    What a lovely post you have here, I was inspired reading the first few words.
    With your permission, I will follow your posts with enthusiasm.

  8. Craig says:

    Greetings from Texas, Julie. Thanks for the Like and the Follow on my site. I’m always looking for more bird blogs and enjoy your photos and the stories that accompany them. Look forward to the updates. Thanks again.

  9. DonMedia says:

    Thanks, Julie for the “Like” on my blog. I had an enjoyable time reading about your feathered and non-feathered family.

    Cheers from Florida.

  10. Rick Wright says:

    Glad to find your blog, Julie! Merry Christmas to you and your family–

  11. pattisj says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Blessings to you and yours.

  12. dou dou says:

    You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  13. I have nominated you for a Glitter E. Yanus Award, find out what the hell I am talking about here –

  14. disperser says:

    So, here’s the thing . . . I just subscribed to follow your blog . . . many people immediately respond by subscribing right back.

    Don’t feel you have to.

    I did not subscribe as a way to add to my subscribers. I subscribed because I was interested in what you have here. No more, no less.

    • jmgoyder says:

      I like your honesty – thanks. I was looking for bird blogs and discovered yours but, yeah, I get what you mean about the reciprocal subscribing thing and don’t have time at the moment anyway. Thank you very, very much!

  15. Hi Julie,
    I am in awe of your strength and perseverance. Your blog is very touching. I wish you and your family some smoother sailing soon. Remember to treat yourself!
    I’m enjoying your birds as well!
    Flora across the oceans.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Hi Flora
      Great to ‘meet’ you! Once everything here gets easier, I will follow your own fantastic blog more closely.
      Thanks so much for commenting.

  16. nellibell49 says:

    Glad to have found you this week – this particular week, Its a year since I sat by my sister as she passed away. Just stopped -and – your blog has me sitting here thanking my lucky stars for the online contact that puts some more words on things that need words. Yours L.

  17. petrel41 says:

    Hi Julie, thanks for liking my bird blog posts; and all my best wishes for you and your family!

  18. krikitarts says:

    Hi, Julie, This is my first visit, following the message letting me know that you liked my post yesterday of the Canada geese flying north again. I started to read, starting with your latest post, and I couldn’t stop. I don’t know you yet, but my heart reaches out to you as I contemplate the pain you and Son (and Husband!) are going through. Your bravery and perseverance are an inspiration. I hope my photography may help a little to provide a new channel of fun for you. I’ve been to WA a number of times and fell in love with Perth. I wish I could recommend a good restaurant to you; the last time I was there it was only for one night and I chose a place called Fast Eddie’s. My steak was ok, but quite overdone. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to like my geese. I know you’ll be glad to be back with your own! -Gary

    • jmgoyder says:

      Thanks so much, Gary! Yes, we 3 used to go to Fast Eddy’s but I think it’s gone now. I love your geese and your comment and really appreciate your supportive remarks. Julie

  19. sirrahh says:

    Thanks for reading. I like your blog a lot.

  20. camsgranny says:

    Hi Julie, I’ve been following you for awhile, and my heart reaches out to you. I am in similiar shoes, My mother has Parknson’s. Thank you for your insight and also your caring! I’m also sorry about the emu’s (Emorey’s). I hope it all works out.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Thank you very much camsgranny – that means a lot, esp. since you are in similar shoes.

      • camsgranny says:

        It personally helps me to know I am not the only one “wearing” these shoes….keep on blogging, and sharing, for so many of us are with you every step of the way. And also, I LOVED today’s post….leave them laughing instead of crying….there’s time for tears later, NOW is for laughing….Hugs,

      • jmgoyder says:

        Thanks for your beautiful comment!

  21. Jocelyne says:

    Hello Julie, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Blogging is a fun yet challenging hobby. I love meeting different people from around the world. Learning about different cultures and people, shows us just how similar we all are. I say this hobby is challenging because I work a full time and a part time job, and I don’t have any one particular theme to my blog. I wonder if it would be easier if I did have a specific theme. Anyway, keep blogging, it’s a great outlet and other people learn from what you have to say.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Thanks, Jocelyne – I started blogging because I wanted to get back to writing, which is my passion. It has been an unexpected pleasure to find that blogging also enables friendships – interesting, weird sometimes but delightful always! Very nice to meet you! Julie

  22. dcwisdom says:

    I called you Nadine in my reply to your blog post. Sorry. I don’t have a friend in Australia, so I’m jumping on your wagon to keep up with things Downunder. Looking forward to getting to know you better. If you’re ever in Texas, come on over. 🙂

  23. Hi Julie. What a treat to have found your blog. Am a bit of a bird lover myself. Mad about writing too, so it seems we have more than a little in common. Lovely to meet you! 🙂

  24. Hi Julie! It is a pleasure to meet you. You surely have your hands full, a wonderful attitude and critters to bring joy! Thank you for subscribing to my blog! I will look forward to getting to know you. I am off to explore your space. Margie

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  26. cravencreativity says:

    Congratulations Julie! I have passed The Very Inspiring Blog award on to you! You are very much deserving of it and I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Feel free to accept it or just relish in the fact that I think your blog is great and you, very inspiring 🙂 I have just published a post about it on my blog where you can find out more about it.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Thank you so much Karen!
      I’m a bit award-shy but I do accept this compliment and look forward to delving into the blogs of the other people you awarded.

  27. Julie, I have nominated you to the H.U.G. Award. Your blog is a place of hope and help. Please go here to my blog to read what to do. Congratulations.

  28. bouzinek says:

    Hi Julie!
    I know this is very late but thanks for stopping by my blog a while back! I’m sorry I haven’t had too much time to read yours and others (evident from the lack of posts on my own blog!) You are such a strong woman, please take care!

  29. Riba says:

    I just came by to thank you for following my blog, for liking my post, for leaving a sweet comment.

    What you are doing here looks wonderful, and I am so impressed you are posting every day. I adore the name of your blog! And your voice is so vibrant.

    Thank you, thank you!

  30. glennweissel says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post! I really enjoyed your “Three Girls Flying” post. You must have a good connection to your birds to hear them so clearly.

    Wishing you and your family peace, love and strength.

    Roy, Washington, USA

  31. petrel41 says:

    Hi Julie, thanks so much for liking my blog posts and following my blog!

  32. I have given you the King of Kings Friendship award. Please go to my page here to see what to do. Congratulations.

  33. Hi Julie, thanks for liking my posts. I love your various bird pictures and your upbeat attitude to what life has thrown your way. You are an inspiration to us all and should be so proud!

  34. Thanks for stopping by Onelifethislife and liking my post.

  35. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Way interesting 🙂 Until recently you’ve been a uni educator. How is it now?

    Love your page. Thank you so much for visiting 🙂

    I miss the ocean of WA here in Melbourne I do, I do, I cannot lie. Sigh….. Cheers 🙂

    • jmgoyder says:

      We’re only about 15 minutes from the ocean (in a car I mean) – thanks for reminding me!
      I don’t really miss the uni. job, although I miss students and my staff friends – I still have my foot in that door in case I want to go back now that my husband is in a nursing home, but with my kid just having had surgery I can’t anyway and I kind of want to do something else now – sorry this is answer is too long!

  36. Very nice to meet you. Thank you for dropping by my blog, Julie.


  37. Thanks for liking my post. Hope you will drop by more often.
    Your site is very nice… please keep up the good work Julie!

    Love & Light

  38. Finn Holding says:

    Hello Julia, Thanks for visiting ‘TheNaturephile’ and enjoying it enough to click the ‘Follow’ button.

    You have a fantastic blog, it’s a real treasure trove of great pictures, stories and insights 🙂

  39. Felicity says:

    Hi Julie, I was only thinking to myself the other day that I hadn’t come across any other Australian bloggers yet, I’m so glad you found my blog and thank you for liking my post. Your blog is wonderful; you are an amazing woman and a true inspiration.

  40. Hi Julie.

    You are an inspiration to us all, with all you do. I love to read your otherworldly posts about exotic birds and the rest of your animals, in exotic Australia. How do you take care of all of it?

    I feel for you and your son. My son doesn’t have scoliosis, but does have lower vertebrae that are out of whack and cause him a great deal of pain. Surgery has been suggested, but he is uninsured. In the US, that means he’ll have to learn to live with the pain. I hope your son receives relief from his problems as he heals.

    I also recently retired, but for different reasons. I’l keep reading if you keep posting.

  41. When I saw you were from Perth, I had to write. I have a cousin who lives in Geraldton. We have only met through e-mail; however, she is coming to Albuquerque, NM to visit my sister and I later this month.

  42. avian101 says:

    Julie, because I enjoy and admire your blog so much, I have nominated you for the ABC Award. ‎. In order to accept this award, you must comply with the two rules. Then you may place the Award logo on your site. Please do not feel any pressure to accept this award, I understand if you do not wish to participate. But know your site is appreciated, and your blogging is interesting, your photos are beautiful! I enjoy reading your posts! Have a great day! H.J.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Oh oh – a predicament! I have this weird aversion to awards but I will mull this over because I can’t keep being so ungracious! Thank you sooooooo much avian!

  43. Such a positivity Julie… Love it 🙂

  44. Sofia says:

    Julie, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details:

  45. narf77 says:

    Hi Julie,

    Cheers for popping over to visit Serendipity Farm here in Tasmania and for enjoying your visit so much that you gave me a “like”. Must have been that good china and the extra timtam I think :). I too come from W.A. I lived in Albany for many years and was, in fact, born in Denmark. I was going to be an English teacher but life got in the way and now my “little problem” who put a halt to the completion of my first year just turned 30. Life has a way of hurling you around and throwing you in at the deep end doesn’t it? You just get used to one calamity and suddenly you are right back in that current again, swimming against the tide. I wouldn’t mind so much but I can’t even swim! I can’t say I miss the temperatures over there, but W.A. has a peculiarity about it because of its remoteness. We West Aussies are a special breed and I miss the people more than I miss the state. Have a great day today and I hope that life treats you well and you get a chance to laugh out loud and feel good about yourself at least once 🙂 Welcome back for a cuppa and a chat any time you like on Serendipity Farm. We will no doubt be tangled up in the blackberries somewhere being held captive, but help yourself to the biscuit barrel…you are a friend now, so bypass the anzacs and reach up into the other barrel where we keep the timtams…

  46. angelasommers says:

    what lovely stories you write – I really liked the one about Daffy Duck and Dotty! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and liking my humble little post about Angel the owl!

  47. petrel41 says:

    Hi Julie,

    All the best for you and your family!

    Thanks for following my blog. You are #101, so you were just too late for the special welcome for #100 🙂

    • jmgoyder says:

      Hi – I was following before but couldn’t keep up with all your posts. You are prolific! Hope it’s okay if I just respond now and then to your posts – you are doing an amazing job – Juliex

  48. Rhonda says:

    Thank you for the visit Julie and for liking my O Canada post. I too love birds and will be doing a little post on some of the charmers that hang out in my backyard shortly. I would like to extend best wishes for you and your family. You are dealing with a lot and it cannot be easy. It’s good to see you can keep your sense of humor and I’m sure that helps your husband and your nearly perfect son in many ways. Look forward to following you and your feathered friends.

  49. petrel41 says:

    Yes Julie, that is definitely OK 🙂

  50. I awarded you the Leibster Blog Award! I don’t think you have that one yet! 🙂

  51. You have been nominated for an award! You are one of my favorite bloggers and I have nominated you to for the “A Lovely Blog” award.

    I have only been blogging since March, so my nomination came as a complete surprise. But I am pleased to be nominated. I started blogging to take up some of my free time and to hopefully kick start my dormant drive to write. I’ve been surprised by how much I enjoy it, and I hope my few readers enjoy it too.

    I’ve made some connections here in the Blogosphere and I really enjoy the interactions of so many different types of people, from ghosts to yogurt eaters. Since blogging is very anonymous the honesty on these pages is sometimes staggering. People blog about the best and the worst and the mundane and mediocre, and each is different and each is a new joy. One of these connections is the person who nominated me for this beautiful and sentimental award. Her link is found here

    I am very honored to have been considered. As requested, here are the rules/suggestions related to receiving this award:
    •Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog:

    •Reveal seven random facts about yourself. (follows)
    •Give this award to fifteen other bloggers. (I stopped at ten.)
    •Pop the award on my blog. (I can send instructions.)

    Seven Things about me:

    1. I need a new hula hoop.

    2. I hate to shop. Groceries especially.

    3. I only hate inanimate objects and ideas.

    4. I like birdwatching.

    5. I am learning to be more tolerant, especially those whose ideas totally contradict my own.

    6. I avoid mirrors.

    7. I don’t know how apply make up.

    Here are the blogs that I want to nominate for this award. They all have something special to offer those that take time to read their blogs.

    Congratulations to some of my favorite blogs!

  52. Rhonda says:

    So glad you stopped by Julie…I have been out of the loop for a couple days; I hope things are well with you. I hope to be able to catch up in the next couple of days, just wanted to thank you for ‘liking’ my little trip to OZ

  53. Debbie says:

    Your adventures and your journey are anything but mundane and predictable. All the best to you as you face each one. Thanks for stopping by Shadows!

  54. Tracie Louise says:

    Hi Julie…. your birdie card arrived today.. and I can’t find if you gave me your postal address…. (you may have.. I have had so many computer crashes lately, it might have gotten lost in the shuffle) Please email me your address and I will get it in the mail asap… along with a complimentary card from my good friend and artist Deb Coats 🙂

  55. magicallymad says:

    Delighted to follow your lovely blog – hope that the critters & lifestyle are therapeutic for your dear husband. Hugs dropped down under.

  56. So touched by your recent post. {{{HUGS}}}

    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You’re so deserving and I want to share your writing with everyone I know! It’s really up to you if you choose to participate or not, but I wanted to acknowledge you anyway. All the details are here at my latest post
    Love and Light, Nicole xx

    • jmgoyder says:

      How beautiful of you, Nicole and many thanks – you do realize don’t you that you have now put yourself in the direct firing line of the Hot Potato Award – keep tuned! Juliex

  57. SauczeyGal says:

    Hi Julie! I found a photo online that immediately made me think of you and your flock of feathered friends. I wanted to share it with you in a comment but couldn’t figure out how. SO, I posted it on my blog. If you would like to see it, have a peek at my post. I am SauczeyGal.
    Hope all is well. I look forward to your adventures everyday and wish you strength, peace and much happiness.

  58. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    For the award rules, see

    If you have already received this award, then you surely deserve another one.

  59. I just nominated your blog for the Inspirational Blog Award.

  60. viveka says:

    Julie, wonderful to be in your world too …. Hope you will get tired of me hanging around !!! Tomorrow my post will be dedicated to you – my English teacher – I hope you know what you have taken on *laughter.

    • jmgoyder says:

      I am thrilled to be in contact with you, Viveka, because I have seen your wise posts to Terry! Yeeha!

      • viveka says:

        Julie, thank you so much … as you know am I not a believer as such – I think we first of all should be believe in ourselves and what we have in our lives. With Terry being a strong believer and I respect her for that – and wouldn’t interfere with that – can I come across as very bold when I comet on her posts – for other followers – Terry knows me and respect me. So I’m glad that not everybody finds me upsetting. *smile

      • jmgoyder says:

        I think you are like a breath of fresh air, Viveka! Jxx

      • viveka says:

        Julie, that is the nice compliment I have got for a long time … thank you so much.

      • jmgoyder says:

        Well, I mean it!

  61. Tracie Louise says:

    Hi Julie…. hey…. did your little pressie ever arrive? I hope it didn’t get lost in transit.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Just yesterday!!!! I am thrilled and it’s beautiful Tracie – you are so wonderful and I love it. Tell where this is in the world. I was about to email you to thank you but you beat me to it! I love it.

      • Tracie Louise says:

        Sorry about that… but was just wondering if it arrived. It is Obi Water falls in Montville on the Sunshine Coast hinterland…. it’s a special shot for me for a couple of reasons. I was near impossible to get to. Hubby and I were walking down to Lake Baroon when we heard running water… we crawled through the long grass on the side of the road, and down the steepest embankment to get to this spot. By the end of it, we were muddy, wet, dirty, brushed and scratch up, but totally worth it. Also… this was the first time I had ever properly captured moving water. I didn’t know what I was doing, it was a total experiment… but I was so thrilled with the result. And it makes me so happy that you now have it…

      • jmgoyder says:

        Ming was here and a friend visiting when I opened the package and they were amazed that it was a photograph – quite surreal and amazing! I love the story behind your capture and treasure it – so many thanks, my friend!

      • Tracie Louise says:

        You are so welcome.

      • jmgoyder says:

        Oh Tracie – I love it! Juliexx

  62. Hey Jules! I’ve awarded you the Sisterhood of Bloggers Award! Check it out here:

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  64. changeforbetterme says:

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the “Inspiring Blog Award” and “One Lovely Blog Award.” There are a few rules to this nomination (these aren’t my rules, so do what you want…no pressure) you need to give a shout out to me, of course, tell us 7 things about yourself and then nominate 15 bloggers, that’s the tricky part, if you don’t have 15, don’t worry, just pass it on to someone….share the joy by following this link

    If you have all ready been nominated my apologies and pass it on anyway! We all love to be recognized for our work. Enjoy!

  65. yazrooney says:

    What a lovely photograph. Bless you on your journey with your husband’s condition (I don’t see it as illness, only a journey for the family). It probably won’t be easy, but you’ll gain from it in the end. Lots of love. Yaz

  66. glennweissel says:

    Hello, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Visit this post to read about the award and rules for acceptance:

  67. Hi Julie, I’ve just nominated you for the Sunshine Award (who doesn’t like a little ray of sunshine?). Feel free to accept it or pass it. Sorry if you already got it. Go back to my post to see the questions to answer and how to forward the award to others.

  68. robincoyle says:

    Hi Julie . . . I found you because All Things Boys Blog (Arnel Gonce) mentioned how much she enjoys your blog. Can’t wait to read more! How’s your leg after being attacked my Tina Turner?

  69. FlaHam says:

    Julie, 1st off thank you for visiting my blog on a regular basis, I really appreciate the time that someone give it, I will start following yours, and you and your family will be in my thoughts. Take care, Bill

  70. SnapInTime says:

    I came across your blog via another of your followers (mrs fringe) and very much enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Wishing the best for your family and your journey. ❤

  71. viveka says:

    Julie, I would love your home address … for a little thing I planned for Christmas or New Year … hope you don’t mind.
    And it’s not me popping up in person, even if I wished. Send it to my email address – thanks a million.

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  73. Thanks for liking my Hurricane Sandy post. I’ll sign up – you have a lovely blog.

  74. bookslibraries says:

    great blog Julie.

  75. lucewriter says:

    Julie, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award for your lovely blog. For more info, you can check out the festivities over here:

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  77. Monica says:

    Quite lovely, Julie. I like what you say about your 99.9% delightful teen-ager. Your husband couldn’t have a better life partner.

  78. Hi Julie,
    Where is your dairy farm? We live in Busselton and my husbands family were dairy farmers at Quindalup..

  79. No, No son named Tim, But Dardenup’s not too far away from us.

  80. We will, next time we are heading that way, email me your address.

  81. Hi Julie, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. You may choose to just accept in and not fully participate but the details are at Diane

  82. Lila says:

    You touched my heart, and I am honored that you liked my poem. I can learn a lot from you.

    I take it that you and your husband take turns blogging? That’s a really nice thing to do. Every post strikes a cord for me and apparently many, many others. Your blog is brilliantly honest.

    Please keep writing so we can learn from you just by watching.
    I hope we’ll keep in contact.
    Peace & love,

  83. petrel41 says:

    Dear Julie,


    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.

    More about this nomination is at

  84. Gardengirl says:

    Well, Julie, it looks like you are going to be in the same boat as me. If you don’t want to accept the award I totally understand, but I am giving you the WordPress Family Award.

  85. Gayle says:

    Thank you for letting me into your life. I am dealing with depression and always looking for uplifting stories. I enjoy your writing and I wish much joy to your family.

  86. Greetings dear,firstly you impressed me with your pictures and secondly your introduction compelled me to write down something.I will pray for your husband that he should recover soon and you may get a happy life again,Lots of love and blessings from Pakistan,
    Yasmeen 🙂

  87. Andrea Kelly says:

    Hello Julie!
    I’m writing to you today because I recently got engaged 🙂 I have been an avid follow for quite some time now, and you never fail to move me with the way you write so beautifully and lovingly about your relationship with Anthony. I love reading the posts you share with us about your journey in life together/how you are working to make it through the ups and downs the years have brought.

    Well, my fiance “Captain America” and I will be exchanging our vows on September 15th, and I was thinking there would be no better way to celebrate on my blog than by inviting some of my favorite bloggers to share some stories of their love – either through anecdotes, a re-telling of a favorite moment or memory, a poem, or words of advice based on experience! Really, however you feel inspired. And I would be honored if you would be a part of this!

    Of course I understand that life gets busy and we all have different obligations, so if you don’t think you’ll be able to find the time, I totally understand and appreciate it. But if it’s something that interests you, please let me know!

    Ideally I’d love to have the posts in hand by September 1st, so that I can have the time to schedule them all and get organized before the big day, but if you need a little more leeway, we can probably work with that too 🙂

    I hope this message finds you well (Get over that stomach bug soon!!), and I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to message me at the e-mail address below.
    All the best,

  88. vinnieh says:

    Just wanted to say I look forward to reading more of your work on this great blog.

  89. I have awarded you the Sisterhood of World Bloggers award. Click here ( ‎) for a link to the “rules.”

    I hope you accept. (Though following the rules is not mandatory.)

  90. I’ve nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2013 award. No pressure to comply by the rules. I just want you to know I think you deserve the recognition.

  91. lensgirl53 says:

    I love your spirit, Julie. I do hope the best for you, Anthony, and Ming….your whole family. You have had to make some very difficult decisions but your loving heart will rise above the adversity. Love always wins! I am glad to get to know you through your blog and connect to a whole other world across the waters. God be you dear new friend. ~ dale

    • jmgoyder says:

      Thanks so much for your generosity of spirit, Dale, when you have been through so much worse than I have. Your kindness amazes me and fills me with tears of absolute gratitude for this strange world of blogging joy!

  92. I hereby present you with the Dragon Loyalty Award for all your good commenting! No strings attached and you don’t have to follow the “rules of acceptance.”

  93. jmgoyder says:

    You haven’t accepted my comment on your blog so not sure what the problem is. Anyway, let’s just agree to disagree and happy Christmas to you.

  94. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, Julie!

    I have nominated your blog for the Shine On Award.

    More about this nomination is at

  95. I just wanted to let you know I am giving you the “Field of Flowers” award. I know you don’t really participate, but I wanted to give it to you anyway. You can read about it here ( if you want.


    • jmgoyder says:

      I feel so ungracious not doing the award thing – so sorry! On the other hand I regard it as a wonderful honour that you nominated me – thanks Apple!

      • I don’t think it’s ungracious to follow the award “rules” I do see how it can drive traffic to your site, but other than that, I think it’s a lot of work and usually follow only some of the rules.

        You deserve a whole field of flowers.

      • jmgoyder says:

        You deserve a whole field of flowers too! What a beautiful thing to say. Thank you.

  96. prayingforoneday says:

    Hi. Shaun here. We all Know Tersia and her story about her Daughter Vic.
    The one year anniversary just passed. I am asking you PLEASE share and show this collage.
    I made it with pictures that Tersia shared with us all.
    This is not an award, it is in Memory of Vic and to show the strength of Tersia in what she did
    I BEG YOU SHOW THIS AND SHARE THIS. From my heart to yours. Shaun

  97. Trent Lewin says:

    Hey Julie, I think I got you confused with another Julie, but Rhonda from 50 Shades set me straight. My apologies if you saw some odd messages on other blogs! Rhonda tells me you’re awesome.

  98. Stumbled upon your blog today, and I’m glad I did! 🙂

  99. I was wondering if I could put my friend in touch with you?
    She lives in Australia and her husband has Alzheimer’s.
    If so, can you email me?

  100. Deb M says:

    Hello dear friend. I think of you often. Your blog is an inspiration!

  101. […] of the first bloggers I read and followed when I started blogging was an Australian writer named Julie Goyder.  I can’t remember now the exact path that lead to her blog, “jmgoyder — wings […]

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