wings and things

New chapter

Well, I have sold the farm to my lovely neighbours and will be moving to a little cottage in an adjacent town soon. It won’t be for another month or so but at least it is finally happening. The emotional difficulty of this decision (for both Ming and me) has long passed, as we have both realised the need to be pragmatic. The house is ancient and needs renovating, and dealing with 5 acres of lawns is ridiculous as I am not the least bit interested in gardening, although I did try (briefly).

I feel somewhat guilty for not responding to the blog posts I receive every day on my email, but I have been a bit preoccupied with the above. I think, once I am resettled, I will get back to blogging but I am not sure yet.

It is now over two years since my beautiful husband, Anthony, died and the grief is still fresh. I am trying to not let this grief get the better of me – and succeeding I think. I loved/love him so much.