wings and things

Anthony, me and Ming

After Anthony died (nearly four years ago!) I continued to blog and I am quite proud of the “Imagined Conversations” posts which I had intended to put together into book form.

Maybe that will still happen, maybe I will write again and even collaborate with others as planned but it is hard to get excited about death, grief, loss because these feelings have connected me with so many others who have experienced similar stuff. Empathy is great but it is also extremely debilitating.

I wanted so much to continue blogging about Anthony, Ming and me but I couldn’t sustain it; I couldn’t be bothered trying to be clever, articulate, witty or wise when I was just too bloody sad about being sad.

Now that I have gotten past the drama of selling and moving from the farm to the little cottage I now live in, I am so happy, so content, and so feeling a sense of Anthony’s approval and presence here. And with Ming and his beautiful partner living just around the corner, I know I am blessed.

I thank all of the blog friends who supported and encouraged me throughout Anthony’s illnesses and Ming’s catapults and my dark days.