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‘You’ve got to pick a pocket or two….’

on December 12, 2011

The quote, in case you don’t remember or realise, is from Oliver – oh how I loved that movie!

Ever since we started accumulating a few (just a few!) birds I have gotten into the habit of always having bits of bread and lettuce in my back pockets and it didn’t take long for the gang to realise this. As a result, even after I have given them their morning treats, they pick and peck at my pockets relentlessy, so much so that most of my clothes are now full of holes.

This picture of Ola (Pilgrim goose on the left) and Zaruma (Muscovy duck) is the best I can do to show you what I’m talking about (as it’s difficult to take a picture of your own back pockets!) Ola is pecking at my trousers and Zaruma is heading towards my back pockets where Ola soon joins him.

4 responses to “‘You’ve got to pick a pocket or two….’

  1. Tilly Bud says:

    How many birds do you have now?

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