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Imprinting 2: On the other hand ….

on January 25, 2012

Despite my last post, there is something about this imprinting thing that niggles at my sense of right and wrong, or whatever you want to call it – animal morality? Dunno.

It niggles in the same way that the idea of putting poultry in nappies (see a previous post – many moons ago), niggled. I think it niggles because there is something false and coercive about adopting a baby gosling, duckling, or any infant bird, with the express purpose of imprinting; it seems too much like animal experimentation, almost circus-like.

I put my hand up as someone who was ‘guilty’ of being interested in this imprinting thing – yes. However, when  it soon became apparent that Zaruma (our first duckling), and Pearl (our first gosling), much preferred each other’s company to mine, I realized how silly I was being. After all, they still love me too!

I guess I have always had a strong aversion to coercion so, unless a goose wants to come up and give me a cuddle (a rather bizarre but lovely thing if it happens naturally), I don’t ‘go there’.

Even if I wanted to, guess who would soon stop me? My competitor – Godfrey! And, despite our differences, I have to concede that he is a much better gosling-cuddler than I will ever be because, last time I looked in the mirror, I was still a human. Go Godfrey!

6 responses to “Imprinting 2: On the other hand ….

  1. artfulanxiety says:

    Really interesting stuff. When I got my duck it seemed to be half human, half duck, then when we got the other ducks to keep her company she slowly melded into 95% duck, 5% human. Now I think she is full duck, but she still remembers my voice and never “quacks” like a normal duck – it’s as though she never learned how. Ironically she is called ‘Quackers’.

  2. pixilated2 says:

    Go Geese! Yes, I imprinted with mine too, but the funny thing is, after two years, my original goose Polly does not follow me everywhere, well hardly. However, she is my girl and she does proffer her affection to me in her own way. We have the most lovely conversations.
    ~ Lynda

    PS: Love to meet Godfrey someday, even if he does nibble with bad intentions! 😉

  3. Ingrid Rickersey says:

    Yes good thing to check in the mirror from time to time … you never know with all that association with the birds as we do start to imitate those we mix with after a while …

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