wings and things


on April 4, 2012

Finally, in our second month of Autumn, it is raining properly. Yeeha – the paddocks are green, we don’t have to water the potplants, the birds are in heaven and we might be able to light our incinerators!

This morning, the rooftop was alive with scrambling peafowl for a better view of the clouds. Eventually they flew onto the washhouse roof. It’s the females who are the best weather forecasters….

Young peahen: Do you think rain is coming, Mummy? 

Queenie: It certainly is, darling, and we will have to be very quick to get the first worms before those dreadful geese do. 

Well, it’s pouring down with rain now so I hope they are all happy – me, I have to wade through puddles to put the gang away and feed the Emerys their evening cabbage.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the rain.

35 responses to “Rain!

  1. I LOVE the rain…except when I have washing on the line (like today) but luckily I have a dryer too so it all worked well in the end!

  2. I LOVE the rain except when I have washing on the line (like I did today) lucky I have a dryer too!

  3. Palestine Rose says:


  4. janeslog says:

    Too much rain in the West of Scotland most of the time. The sunshine is a bonus.

  5. Finn Holding says:

    I can see why you’re grateful for your rain. We have a droubt declared here in East Anglia complete with hosepipe bans, but today it’s been coming down in stair rods for most of the day. It won’t affect the hosepipe ban but at least it will make the garden green.

    PS Do the birds really let you know when the rain is coming?

  6. Randy Roberts says:

    Potplants? Um…you have potplants? I have a dryer.

  7. shoreacres says:

    After last year’s terrible drought, we love rain. I used to grump about it because I can’t work when it rains, but no more. Millions of dead trees, farmers ruined, lakes with no water – I think we’ll all, always, see rain as a blessing!

    • jmgoyder says:

      You are very right. Down south in Australia we rarely have drought conditions but up north it can be terrible. Thank you for commenting and, yes, rain is a blessing.

  8. I have that love/hate relationship, too! We are in the middle of a drought – so I know we need the rain. But its timing is always so horrible!

  9. I like their little crowns. Margie

  10. Judith Post says:

    My grandfather was pure Danish. He always told me that raindrops hitting the roof were fairies dancing overhead. Loved it. And thunder was Thor knocking down all the pins at a bowling alley.

  11. P&B says:

    Aren’t we all having a love/hate relationship with the rain? When there is no rain, we wish it would rain. When it’s raining like cats and dogs, we wish it would stop. ha..ha..

  12. batgurrl says:

    Here in Seattle we sent you some of our rain. The jetstream has us in a constant funk. How about we trade for a week? Sun for us – Rain for you.

    Love the pictures of the birds and your captions they make my evening!!

  13. pixilated2 says:

    Enjoy your delicious rain! It rained for a bit here as well. Your geese eat worms too? I totally freaked out when Polly did that a few weeks ago! I never knew they ate worms. GAACK!
    ~ Lynda

  14. victoriaaphotography says:

    I now what you mean about that love/hate relationship with rain.

    It’s a balmy hot 30 degrees here on Easter Friday in Melbourne, but tomorrow the temp. will drop 10 degrees to a normal Autumn day and I believe we are even going to get some rain.

  15. Great blog….this post reminds me of the peacocks I got my mom for Mother’s Day growing up.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  16. Oh those dreadful geese!

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