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Love story 4

on April 17, 2012

When Husband first answered the door that fateful day, I knew he would be Husband, but I will never know how I knew – I just did.

Even when I thought he was a yob, the local cowboy, Inna’s overseer – dressed in his black t-shirt, football shorts – and still not realizing until later on that first day that he was her son, I would have married him on the spot.

Poor Husband! He, of course, had no idea he had made this kind of impression on a girl my age and, in fact, he didn’t actually ‘get it’ for another year or so.

But Inna ‘got it’ straight away and, once she and I had established a rapport she would often accuse me of having a “cuddle” with her son if I didn’t answer her bell soon enough (yes, she had a brass bell!)

I was terrified of Husband back then – terrified of his sternness and terrified he would somehow find out that I adored him!

28 responses to “Love story 4

  1. Ingrid Rickersey says:

    love it!

  2. Tammy says:

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Judith Post says:

    My John and I were the opposite. On our first date, he told me that “I was it, the one he was going to marry someday.” I knew I wasn’t going to marry anyone until I was at least thirty. But I was wrong. He was right–an unusual event:)

  4. janechese says:

    i await with bated breath the rest of the story.

  5. Fergiemoto says:

    You are keeping my attention. Awaiting the next chapter!

  6. We’re so naive when we’re young. But that adds to the romance.

  7. Robyn Lee says:

    Such a wonderful love story. I see a screen play in your future… 🙂

  8. dcwisdom says:

    After my first date with Rick, I slumped against the door and told my mom “I’m going to marry him.” And I did. How do we know those things!? 🙂

    • jmgoyder says:

      How amazing – yes, I don’t think this kind of thing actually happens in real life as much as it does in the movies so you and I are very fortunate!

  9. Another great addition to the story!

  10. How old were you when you met? I love the naivety of young age, it gives you wings you quickly lose as you age.

    And the lady had a bell to call you? Sorry, I had to laugh! They could make a TV mini series out of your story!

  11. bluebee says:

    Astute Inna 😉

  12. dou dou says:

    Ha – I knew too, the first time I met my ex,I went home and told my sister I had met the man I would marry.Some things you just know. Even though he is an ex, we are still great friends and I am not sorry I married him 🙂

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