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Coconut oil

on June 24, 2012

Thanks to Anthony’s beautiful niece, Jen, for this link.

I hope it helps. If you care for anybody with any kind of dementia, this could work!

16 responses to “Coconut oil

  1. I’ve passed it on to a friend. Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked?

  2. Fergiemoto says:

    That’s really interesting!

  3. Robyn Lee says:

    So interesting Julie… I use this in my diet daily… more because it is a fat that does not require as much work by the pancreas to process (I have a quirky pancreas). Wish it could help Anthony ~ maybe try! xo

    • jmgoyder says:

      That’s interesting that you already use it, Robyn! Not sure whether to try it or not – I will find a can of it somewhere and give it a try tomorrow when Ants comes home again! Juliex

  4. janeslog says:

    Sounds a great solution to various problems. There is hope for many people.

  5. This sounds really quite impressive. We’ve passed it on to all our carer friends and are very keen to see if it works for them. Thank you so much for the tip.

  6. Cee Neuner says:

    My doctor and Energy Medicine Practitioner just told me about coconut oil. It’s fabulous!!

  7. bluebee says:

    Very interesting

  8. janechese says:

    i passed on the link to a few friends and received an answer back from one of them saying she has used the coconut oil for several years and thinks it is”fantastic” and buys it in 3.6 kg tubs.She is in her 70’s

  9. I too have hear good things about coconut oil, but why. Very interesting. Doesn’t hurt to try. Thanks for sharing!

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