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This wrinkled soul

on October 1, 2012

This soul has developed crinkles like the white linen shirts I used to wear but gave away because I hate ironing.

This soul has developed wrinkles – frown wrinkles – not very becoming at all.

This soul is like a boiled egg – perfect until you crack the shell, peel it off and mush the egg for a sandwich.

A splintered windscreen.

An improbable jigsaw.

This soul has also become argumentative and I am getting really sick of the way it nags, nags, nags; no wonder it has wrinkles.

No wonder it has crinkles.

I know I should probably try to iron out its crinkly wrinkles.

But that would be as stupid as ironing a Sebastopol goose.

I’ll try to make friends with this soul on my way into see Anthony in the nursing lodge.

His soul is much better behaved!

38 responses to “This wrinkled soul

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    All of our souls are a bit crinkly:)

  2. sometimes our souls have a mind of their own and we just have to go along with it until we figure out how to placate them

  3. A creative way to express yourself. How often do we really get in touch with our souls?

  4. Louise G. says:

    Julie — I don’t know about wrinkles but my encounters with your soul here have proven one very important and vital aspect of it — your soul is beautiful.

  5. Such a beautiful goose Julie. I always wish you peace. Margie

  6. Robyn Lee says:

    Wrinkles are part of living….that is why I avoid ironing 😏. You are beautiful for having them Julie…. Really are! Xo

  7. What a lovely piece of writing, Julie 🙂 Hope you managed to make friends with this soul…

  8. niasunset says:

    your soul is beautiful dear Julie… I hope you manage to make friends with this soul… You are amazing and creative writer 🙂 By the way when I receive your post I will write to you dear, don’t think that I forget you 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day, love you, nia

  9. terry1954 says:

    awww bless your heart Julie…………….

  10. The soul is so much harder to repair then any other part of us…………..I loved this it really touched me

  11. I avoid ironing and buy wrinkle resistant clothes – I wonder how we can make our souls wrinkle resistant?

  12. viveka says:

    Julie, I like your wrinkled soul and I love your curly gooses. Please, keep them.

  13. Better that it is crinkly than stained or ripped – or with big, gaping holes!

  14. Rhonda says:

    you have crinkles
    i have frinkles
    we all have wrinkles

    i hate ironing too

    give it a good shake jules…sometimes the wrinkles come out.
    maybe we can turn the frinkles upside down into sminkles some times. worth a shot?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Crinkly, wrinkly souls appeal to me. My favorite dwarf in Snow White was Grumpy. Guess that says something, doesn’t it?

  16. Fergiemoto says:

    Beautifully written, and creative insight!

  17. I do hate to iron, but I want to know who’s been wearing by birthday suit and how’d they get it so wrinkly.

  18. bluebee says:

    The incredibly annoying individual who invented ironing has a lot to answer for – like making us feel the need to iron out the crinkles, in the first place!

  19. elizabeth says:

    Beautiful poetic post.

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