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It’s complicated!

on November 24, 2012

Princess 2: Thor, how about a little kiss?

Thor: Not now P2.
Princess 2: Get lost, Rabbit!

Princess 2: Oh, there is never any privacy here!

Princess 2: Why do you have a name like ‘Thor’ when you can’t even scare a rabbit away?

Thor: Well actually, P2, I quite like Mr Rabbit. In fact he’s been giving me a few tips.
Princess 2: On what?

Princess 2: Oh I can’t take any more of this nonsense!

Princess 2 begins to sing ‘Where is love?’ (from ‘Oliver’, the musical).
Thor: P2 will you calm down – Mr Rabbit has been giving me some tips about breeding!

Princess 2: Oh! Oh, darling, I had no idea!

Rabbit 675: What a complicated couple!

44 responses to “It’s complicated!

  1. Oh Julie, this did make me laugh. You have such a way with humour on your photos. Thank you ‘cos the weather here I’d dreary again with thick fog and I needed cheering up.

  2. Ha ha ha – Rabbit 675! Hope Thor didn’t get any sensible advice from Rabbit.

  3. Gardengirl says:

    You are so funny! πŸ™‚

  4. FlaHam says:

    Yes, I would agee it is totally complicated. — Bill

  5. ha ha ha ha ha — my dad told me that men were like rabbits — when he told me that I did not get it — now I do

  6. dogdaz says:

    Very complicated for sure, but cute

  7. That was good for a chuckle.

  8. Ha! complicated indeed, Julie πŸ˜€ And I thought things might be simpler in the animal kingdom…

  9. cecilia says:

    ee gads that is a complicated couple and thank you very much for seeding Wheeeeeerre is Love in my head for the rest of the day! .. c

  10. I love these whimsical posts!

  11. viveka says:

    I suppose that a love life as a rabbit is quite uncomplicated – anything goes, anytime and anywhere – but for us princesses is it a totally different matter – and Thor should know that by now. Love your bird conversations.

  12. I love to read the birds’ dialogue!

  13. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I love how she knows a tune from ‘Oliver’ – not even I do!

    So sweet, Julie πŸ™‚

  14. I loooooove this post Julie! Always game to hear about your menagerie. This is too cute! Margie

  15. eof737 says:

    What a zany and entertaining piece. πŸ˜‰

  16. dcwisdom says:


  17. Fun. Funny. Delightfully told with those pics!
    Hahaha! dcwisdom has it right — “DON’T LISTEN TO THE RABBIT, THOR!”

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