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“C’mon, Mum, have a laugh!”

on December 23, 2012

One of things Ming says to me most often these days is “C’mon, Mum, have a laugh!” So today I will tell a funny story.

Gutsy9, the baby peacock, is now two weeks old and is quite happy to sleep in his box at night as long as he can spend the day on my shoulder. Well, when he was one day old, Ming and I had to go to town to do numerous things and I didn’t want to leave Gutsy9 alone for so long, so I took him tucked into my shirt. Ming had a gig to set up for, I had a lunch date with friends, then Ming had a counselling appointment and I was going to visit Ants (another reason I took Gutsy9 with me – I wanted to show him to Ants.)

Okay, so I dropped Ming off and went to the restaurant. Gutsy9 was asleep inside my shirt almost under my left arm so I kept my left hand on him through the shirt, sat down at the table with my friends and ordered. Gutsy9 was quiet to begin with but soon woke up and chirped, so I took him out and showed my friends who were rather aghast so I quickly chucked him back into my shirt and joined in the various conversations. A couple of hours later I picked Ming up to go to counselling and he’d forgotten I had Gutsy9 so said, “Oh that bloody bird – you’re the one who needs counselling.” He was quite nasty and I was hurt.

Anyway, the counsellor had asked me to come for the first bit of Ming’s session so I went in with him but said I couldn’t stay longΒ because of the bird. I pulled Gutsy9 out of my shirt to show her and she looked, well, a bit surprised to say the least. Then we all sat down and she asked me how I was. It never ceases to amaze me how those three simple words ‘how are you?’ can reduce me to tears – which is what happened much to my horror. I said Ming and I had just had another altercation blah blah blah, and she suggested I stay for the whole session but I said no because I wanted to take Gutsy9 to show Anthony.

So I left and drove up the road to the nursing lodge and spent a very pleasant hour with Ants and Gutsy9 then went back to pick Ming up. By then, Ming was repentant but tentatively suggested that I should have some private counselling sessions of my own because he had been helped enormously. I told him I would think about it and we went home.

It was a few days later, when I was telling some other friends about the counselling experience, and they were laughing hysterically, that I realized how stark, raving mad I must have seemed to the counsellor and to my lunch companions!

Anthony, on the other hand, wasn’t the slightest bit nonplussed because he knows me, adores me and accepts me.

So, “C’mon, Ming, have a laugh!”

And guess what – we are both laughing today – yeeha!

Gutsy9 just hatched.

Gutsy9 just hatched.


Gutsy9 - 2 weeks old today!

Gutsy9 – 2 weeks old today!


47 responses to ““C’mon, Mum, have a laugh!”

  1. terry1954 says:

    you do have a way with animals, this is for sure. You and Ming are going to be alright. You are just both hurting in your own ways. I don’t trust all therapists. Some like to place blame when they don’t even know us, just saying. today i baked sugar cookies, made rock candy and make spice pumpkin loaves. tomorrow back to baking

  2. My husband just reminded me of the time we went out to friends’ for dinner with a newly hatched pheasant chick inside a cloth bag on a string around my neck, to keep the thing warm or it would die. This chick didn’t make it (died the next day), but yours seems to be well established now. My point was, either you’re not crazy, or we both are.

  3. camsgranny says:

    Thank you! That made me giggle… I can just picture you in these situations, and while you might have appeared “stark raving mad” to them, your Julie to me! Thanks for the giggle my friend!!!

  4. Julie- Anyone who can comfortably tuck a baby peacock inside her shirt is my hero! Love of and for animals is not grounds for therapy in my book but I’m guessing some more uptight people might view it as “eccentric.” Personally, I find eccentricity a desirable trait because at least it is never dull. I loved your story Julie and wish I could see some of your birds. Take care!

  5. And I can just picture when Gutsy9 is 2 years old…how are you going to hide him then ? lol Diane

  6. Robyn Lee says:

    A great story Julie ~ and how big Gustsy9 is getting … I can’t believe you had him tucked in your shirt! xxoo

  7. I think I would have been a bit surprised if I saw a friend with a chick in their shirt but I think after the shock had passed I would have a giggle at it……………..maybe you need to have some counselling it might help

  8. Gutsy sure is bring fun into your and our lives!

  9. You know, I have been reading you so long, it seemed an entirely normal thing for you to do until your friends pointed it out!

  10. granny1947 says:

    I want to see you tuck him into your blouse when he is fully grown!!!

  11. victoriaaphotography says:

    Geez Julie – you’re as crazy as I am.
    We ‘birds’ should stick together.
    (Actually, we’re not crazy, we’re just a wee bit eccentric).

  12. FlaHam says:

    Julie. I truly love hearing of your life adventures, and how you and your family deal with each step of the journey. Gutsy is good for you, and good for Ming and Ants. My only concern mother hen is where will you stuff Gutsy when he is 10 or 15 lbs? Take care, Bill

  13. Maybe it’s a pet owner thing, but I wasn’t sure what was so shocking about keeping little Gutsy-9 in your shirt during your luncheon and the counseling session. I thought the shocking part was going to be you accidentally exposing yourself at the luncheon while Gutsy-9 was fiddling about in your shirt. That would have been shocking, mind you I am so glad it didn’t happen but you carrying around an adorable pea chick is perfectly within the realm of normalcy in my book. Silly people. πŸ˜€

  14. lucewriter says:

    I agree with Laurie. Silly people. I used ot have a pet rat who spent hours every day living under my hair on the back of my neck ;).

  15. I feel like I do know you, because none of those situations seemed the slightest bit odd to me!

  16. viveka says:

    Congratulation, Gusty9 … you have grown quite a bit and seems to be a strong and cuddly little chick.
    Julie, I think you got the counselling you need through this little creature … he makes you feel good .. and he makes Ant feel good too.

  17. Dang you! Now I am totally in love with a bird. A Bird That Lives Half Way Across the World!

  18. Loved the story. Several years back, I took our Sun Conyer on a walk with my kids to the park. My kids were mortified. Crazy bird man as Father. We still laugh about it.

  19. yellowlancer says:

    I used to take a baby guinea pig in my pocket after its mother died – she went shopping, to school, to the Royal Melbourne Show and frequently to the nursing home where my Nan lived and the wonderful matron took her around all the residents who were delighted πŸ™‚
    I did see a councellor at one time and she was terrific but the best councellors have always been my animals!

  20. Northern Narratives says:

    I think you are a lot of fun. I was also expecting that you would expose yourself while Gutsy-9 was moving around. Thanks for making me laugh πŸ™‚ Judy

  21. I saw the tag “Love Story” and, truly, it is one. Once when I was in Administration at a hospital I had a friend who was a patient and snuck her small dog in to see her in a cardboard filing box. As I passed security, the box was moving all over the place but they didn’t question me since they knew me. I can’t help but think people who don’t love animals are the ones needing therapy.

  22. Smuggling baby peacocks under your shirt in a restaurant? Haha, your son might be right about the counseling. πŸ˜‰

    Have a merry Christmas, Julie and make the best of it.

  23. eof737 says:

    Julie, you are all heart and your reactions are expected… I’m glad you can still see the humor in such acts… TY! πŸ˜†

  24. I don’t know what to say – ha ha ha ha – poor Ming – ha ha ha

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