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on September 6, 2013

I only have one white peacock (named Prince) and two white peahens. Prince’s tail feathers are fully grown now. I will try to get a photo of him doing the fantail thing soon.

My young human prince (son, Ming) has rediscovered his princely ways. Obviously a lot of his recent angst was to do with having unwittingly fractured some of the titanium in his spine post scoliosis surgery, and having to quit milking cows, and feeling emasculated by not being able to ever lift anything heavy. We have now seen the surgeon again and Ming is scheduled for revision surgery in the next couple of months. It has been a bit of a dramatic couple of weeks with tears etc. but over that now and have bought ramps and a trolley to help us lift stuff that is too heavy. Example: as we don’t get a rubbish collection, we have to take stuff to the local dump. Today it was some heavy stuff but the trolley + ramp thing worked beautifully! Such a relief.

Ming’s biggest sorrow is that he won’t be able to carry his bride over the threshold! (BTW there is no impending bride yet!)

30 responses to “Prince

  1. boy life can hand us a serious of challenges can’t it? and again, you are meeting them–((hugs))

  2. Perhaps Ming can create a wonderful tradition for when he and his bride first cross over their threshold together. “Anyone” can do what has always been done. Ming can do something incredible for “just” his bride. I bet he comes up with something fantastic. Especially if it is that important to him. I look forward to the day when his happy mom posts it in her blog. 😉

  3. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Perhaps Ming should worry about the ‘carrying the bride’ bit when that scenario actually arises.

    Maybe the modern era will change the tradition to Brides carrying Grooms over the Threshhold (and it’s the Bride that will have the biggest sorrow)……lol

  4. Great to see Ming’s pride and joy still looking so clean! Perhaps he should find a strapping bride who can carry him over the threshold. Time to throw these stereotypes out the window 😀

  5. ytaba36 says:

    Well, he can decorate the trolley and use that to escort his (future) bride over the threshold, perhaps.

  6. Well…. I kinda like the idea of a ramp and a trolley to get over the threshold! so much more exciting than just a lift! 🙂

    You are amazing — love your spirit.

    Really love the photos too.

  7. Ingrid says:

    And the bride (down the track) could be of very slight stature and he could manage it for that short distance … adrenaline charged! (another possible senario)

  8. Terry says:

    I am proud of you! You had a problem and found an answer. As for Ming being a guy, I can understand his frustrations. Men are manly, and they never want that taken a way from them

  9. FlaHam says:

    Julie, I am looking forward to Prince in full glory. That will be a beautiful picture. It’s nice to see things work their way out of being major issues to becoming managable issues. For a second you had me, I was seeing NEWS FLASH NEW FLASH — Ming to marry LOL LOL. He has time, and he will get her over the threshold when the time comes. Take care, Bill

  10. I’m glad that both your Princes are doing well. I can understand how Ming’s frustration was over the realization that his He-Man days will be no longer but trust me my hubby is very happy reveling in his days of “emasculation” he has been reveling for over twenty years lol. There is more to life than muscles, Ming has his music, and as long as his ears, voice and fingers are fine, he’ll be fine. Hugs 🙂

  11. The trolley and ramp will have to work for the bride. Just decorate as needed.

  12. If he finds a bride with a good sense of humour he can pick her up with a fork lift or push her through the door on a dolly!

  13. janechese says:

    Doing up a prayer list for Unity World Day of Prayer, will add Ming to it for the surgery and recovery and the truck Ute looks great. Good for you, getting the aids to lifting.

  14. janechese says:

    I forgot to say how stunning Prince looks! look forward to the fan display.

  15. Does he have a girlfriend, a candidate, lol? Glad things are looking up. And, that’s one long and lovely bird.

  16. tootlepedal says:

    I’m glad that progress on Ming’s back is on the way. I think that his putative bride will look just ducky on the trolley.

  17. Trisha says:

    Prince is so beautiful! I’m glad you and Ming were able to find some solutions to his challenges. Still, poor guy. It sounds like he’s already been through so much with his back issues.

  18. Good to hear that Ming’s princely ways have returned, enjoy it while it lasts, as for carrying the bride over the threshold, Tim never carried me anywhere not important as being together…….

  19. The surgery will be tough for you both. I am glad that you are able to look at it in a positive way.

  20. ksbeth says:

    how beautiful and it sounds like things are looking up a bit. baby steps…

  21. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I didn’t think there was anywhere in a town that you don’t get rubbish collection? What if you’re old or disabled? I don’t understand.

    I love to hear updates on Ming though. I wish him well.

    That long long tail is so stunning, snowy white. Beautiful 🙂

  22. niasunset says:

    I wish him to feel well himself… This white long tail fascinated me, what a beautiful photograph… Thank you dear Julie, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  23. Lynda says:

    Julie, Prince looks positively regal! I love it that Ming is romantic enough to think of such a thing as a loss, and I am sad right along with him.

  24. glad to hear both your prince’s are doing well:) poor ming, to be going through such grown-trials at his age….

  25. what a sweet boy he is Julie, to have that thought x

  26. Titanium sure isn’t living up to its PR. My heart goes out to you and Ming on the set back and impeding surgery. Bravo on taking practical action. (As an owner of a white vehicle, I have to ask – how does he keep is white truck looks so pristine?)

    FWIW – When the time comes, I have no doubt Ming, being talented and creative, will find a way to make his new bride feel special and a welcome addition to his life without carrying her over the threshold.

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