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Police Matter – Dangerous Driving Charge

on December 23, 2013

It was disconcerting to receive a forwarded email from Ming’s lawyer, with the police charges outlined, while he was still in hospital. I read through the document in my hotel room with my heart in my throat of course because the bare facts of what happened are stark and frightening for two reasons: 1. They are a reminder of that terrible night; and 2. They are damning of Ming – well of course they are, as they should be.

But to have to read the email heading (above) over and over again, in my several days of communication with the lawyer, stops my breath every time. My family have all provided character statements for Ming and the children are all recovering well however full recovery is still in the distance, both physically and psychologically and this, too, stops my breath.

The court date has now been set for mid-January so finally we will know what will happen to Ming in terms of his sentencing. I hope there will be leniency but, if not, we will just have to wear what comes next and it really doesn’t matter to Ming compared to his relief that the children will all eventually be all right.

But, as his mother, my hope is rather fragile and frantic that the judge will see that he is filled with remorse and will never ever do anything like this again. Ming has agreed to accompany the police to schools in the new year to warn other children and teenagers of the dangers of what he did. His message will be simple and now it is mine: never, ever, drive with people unsecured in the back of a ute (truck). Never!

Note: We were told in the hospital that the main reason for discharging patients early was because at Christmas they were inundated with emergency admissions of car accident victims.

18 responses to “Police Matter – Dangerous Driving Charge

  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    We all pray for leniency, but as a serious driving offence, one should be prepared.

    I think Ming visiting schools in the New Year is to be highly commended – young people need to hear it from the heart.

  2. I can’t imagine the conflicting emotions right now! Everyone is safe and on their way to recovery, Ming needs and gets surgery and it goes well, and having to deal with the legal end of all of this. I pray for your strength. And I admire Ming’s attitude about it all (and yours).

  3. bulldog says:

    I hope you are allowed to appear as a character witness and can offer your side of his remorse, as well as his recent back op they should go easy on him…

  4. paulaacton says:

    I know it will be hard but try to make the most of Christmas to spend precious family time together and create good memories to see Ming through dark days if the judge does not judge wisely and live leniency, hopefully the fact he is willing to help police get through to other youngster will work in his favour but the system does not always apply common sense or a balanced considered decision

  5. ksbeth says:

    oh, i am hopeful for leniency in this, for all of your sakes

  6. lensgirl53 says:

    You know, Julie, the old saying “behind every cloud is a rainbow”…I see a rainbow trying to peek through these very dark days. Hold onto hope, dear friend…even if it is fragile…it still is. I hope for all of your family a blessed and Merry Christmas…in spite of all the adversity you face. xoxo dale

  7. It tough as a mom, not to worry. I have this feeling everything will work out fine. Hang in there.
    Diana xo

  8. janechese says:

    I think it is very commendable that Ming is willing to go with the police to share his experience.Merry Christmas to you all.

  9. Julie–with all my heart I hope everything turns out all right–Ming is very brave–may you both have a peaceful Christmas and forget this for a few days–(((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))

  10. janeslog says:

    Hope everything turns out fine. It’s not like he deliberately set out to cause the accident. They need to bear that in mind.

    Having been a victim of a crime a few times now, I cannot say that I was impressed by the attitude of the police and basically had to solve the crimes. Hopefully the Australian police are a bit sharper than the Scottish ones.

    Just now we are hearing about these two British girls who smuggled 1.5m British Pounds of cocaine into Peru and tried to deny it. After a lot of publicity they have been sentenced to 6.5 years for it -far too short in my opinion.

    The Glasgow girl’s mother is always in the Daily Mail bleating on about how it is so unfair and she wants her daughter to spend the time in a cushy British jail. Not that the British public have any sympathy for her. But the point is that this was a serious crime which they thought they would get away with.

    Ming did not go out deliberately to commit a crime – it was an accident. Please remember that.

  11. Luanne says:

    Many hugs to you.

  12. I can imagine how upset and anxious you must feel. I send you many thoughts of hope for a kind judge. (((hugs)))

  13. I hope that at least knowing the court date alleviates a little of the stress of the unknown. I think that it is a very encouraging development that the police are letting Ming travel with them to schools to help serve as a public announcement, that has to have some impact on the judge’s decision, along with Ming’s remorse, the character references and the good prognosis for all the children, I think that good news may come about. I think of both of you and hugs for both of you. 🙂

  14. Continuing to entertain hopeful thoughts it all works out okay. It’s good that he’ll be going with the police to schools. Now we continue to pray.

  15. Of course as a mother you are feeling for the children hurt and also for your son who is very repentant…. Character witnesses are good, his willingness to speak is another and his true sorrow for what happened is another… Add to that the fact many will be praying for the judges heart to be softened is another…. Diane

  16. It is so hard to have to sit passively as our children take ownership for the consequences.of their actions. It’s especially even more difficult when what happened was not because of our children’s ill intent, but instead they just didn’t see the big picture.
    My wishes for leniency echo everyone’s Jules.

  17. FlaHam says:

    Julie, like you and your family I pray that the judge handling Ming is lenient. Please take care, and know you both are being thought of. Merry Christmas, please be safe. — Bill

  18. Ingrid says:

    I think it is great that Ming will go with Police to schools to warn other kids about the dangers of riding in an open vehicle. Even if only one or two kids are deterred from doing this makes it a worthwhile exercise (and I’m sure many more than one or two would be deterred)

    I remember we used to do things like that – driving around in open utes and think nothing of it, just shows how something so innocent can can go so wrong. All the very best to you both and may the judge be in a good mood and consider carefully.

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