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on February 2, 2014

I found out this morning that Arthur died yesterday and am so terribly sad. Arthur worked for Anthony’s family as a dairy hand for decades and lived in the worker’s hut. He first came here when he was a teenager (well before my time). Less than two years ago, when Anthony had already begun living in the nursing home, Arthur began to seem very frail and ill and the hut was falling down, so I helped to arrange his transition to a nursing home (not the same one as Anthony’s). It was a heartbreaking decision because Arthur loved it here. After the dairy folded, he simply lived here, did a few odd jobs and, in latter years, just loved to sit on his veranda and watch the birds.

But Arthur thrived in the nursing home, to begin with. He had company, friends, and he was popular with the staff because he was such an unusual character. Ming and I visited him as often as we could, and just two weeks ago I took Anthony to visit, but we could see that Arthur was very ill.

When I rang to tell Anthony this morning, I was hit with such a wave of sorrow and nostalgia that I wept clumsily into the phone and, once again, Anthony had to comfort me. Arthur was part of the fabric of this place, this farm, our lives, for so long. He watched Ming grow up, he kissed me gently on the cheek last time we visited, and he and Anthony shook each others’ frail hands.


61 responses to “Arthur

  1. I believe in life after death and so Arthur will be in a better place. Don’t worry about him. Perhaps this is bringing up emotions that are difficult to deal with. Your having a tough time. Hang in there Julie, people are rooting for you.

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh no 😦

  3. ksbeth says:

    oh, i’m so sorry for your loss, what a part of your family and the farm he was. the nursing home saw what a special person he was as well, that is obvious. i love the picture of him, too )

  4. Anonymous says:

    Julie Arthur loved the farm and your family ..thank you for caring for him when I couldn’t .. sadly going to miss his cheecky smile

  5. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    So sorry to hear about the loss of dear Arthur. I can only imagine how this would affect your family and especially Anthony, for whom he worked.

    Sad, but it’s only a reminder of how impermanent this life on earth is and how much his presence will be missed. How lovely to hear that his unique character added a little to the lives of those in the nursing home in his later years.


  6. Very sorry for your loss, Julie…

  7. mimijk says:

    I hurt for and with you Jules – these losses add a heaviness to the heart that is so hard to accept. I hope his memory is forever a blessing for you and Ants and Ming. Certainly he knew much joy in his life by being a part of your farm family. And for that I am grateful..

  8. Rhonda says:

    I’m sorry to hear this Jules. My heart is with you.
    Much love,

  9. I’m sorry for your loss Jules. The way you described Arthur reminded me of Piccolo, the handy man at my uncle’s place, he too had a hut andwhen he pased we were all saddened by the loss. They might not be related to us, but their constant presence in our lives makes them just as important. I am ending you hugs and kisses.

  10. Denise says:

    Love and peace to you, Julie. You’ve such an interesting life, so different from mine; dairy farm, peahens, Australia – I find it all fascinating. And I’m always loving the pictures. ;o)

  11. Oh I’m sorry for your loss of a good friend…well more like family, I suppose. HUGS to you.
    Diana xo

  12. FlaHam says:

    Julie, my heart goes out to you. It is so difficult to lose someone that has been such a part of our lives, someone we could trust and depend on. someone who was there for us. Authur was one of those souls, he meant so much to you,Ants and Ming. I know you will miss him greatly. Take care, Bill

  13. fgassette says:

    Sorry for your lost.


  14. janechese says:

    I remember “meeting” Arthur through you a couple of times and know that he was like family.. I am sorry for your loss and hope that fond memories will lift you up and give you Ants and Ming smiles.

  15. niasunset says:

    So sorry to hear this dear Julie. R.I.P. to him. Love, nia

  16. 😦 another goodbye…

  17. I’m sorry Julie for yours’ and Anthonys’ loss……. Diane xo

  18. Poignant homage to Arthur. It’s never easy, losing someone. Sending hugs.

  19. so sorry for your loss–I remember when you made the arrangements for him–thank god we have our memories

  20. I’m so sorry Julie. I appreciate the character and strength of the people in your life. Thank you for sharing Arthur with us. I hope for comfort and peace of heart for everyone who loves Arthur. And I’m glad to hear Anthony was your comfort again today.

  21. Julie I am so sorry for this loss to your farm family…The love continues on even with the loss, remember all the good he gave you in memories and love

  22. lensgirl53 says:

    My heart is with you….loss is so very hard. Sending love and extra Brandon bear hugs….xo

  23. Did he have any family, it is always sad when someone passes away

  24. Trisha says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

  25. jatwood4 says:

    Please accept my condolences. Such a loss is difficult to accept, but thank goodness he was part of your lives.

  26. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know this is very difficult for you. I send you thoughts of comfort and some cyber hugs.

  27. Lynda says:

    Julie, I am in awe that even after the dairy folded Arthur continued to live on there. That sort of accommodation is rare here. How wonderful for him that he could stay on in a place that he loved.

    I am sorry for your loss.

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