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Why do I need ID to get hay fever tablets?

on April 23, 2014

So I go into the chemist’s with my eyes and nose running with hay fever, blinking and sneezing, and ask miserably for antihistamines, only to be told that I need ID to get those.

Oh! In my rush to take Ming to a job appointment, and pick Ants up, I had come unarmed with ID, just bringing a box of tissues with me.

The chemist, who knows me well (after a thousand years of collecting prescriptions for Anthony) offered me all sorts of hay fever remedies but I said none of them worked and I needed the heavy-duty stuff. Well, the rules must have tightened because, despite not needing a prescription for antihistamines, you need ID – argh!

It must be something to do with the drug problem I guess; there must be an evil ingredient in those antihistamines that is a druggy’s delight? I don’t know – I just want my nose to stop running! I will certainly not forget my ID tomorrow when we go into town.

On a lighter note, this morning, Ming and I rode our bikes together (not something he particularly wanted to do – ride with Mummy – but had agreed to do for my sake). Well, once we got off our road and into another, he began to falter because something kept going wrong with the gears and chain on his brand new, very expensive, birthday present road bike. I kept soaring past him on my electric bike (hahaha – evil laugh!) and coming back to see what was wrong, whilst heroically blowing my nose into my tissues). Eventually, Ming fixed the problem and we rode for an hour up a hill that didn’t look like a hill until we turned around and sped back down – exhilarating!

Once we got back home, Ming puffing and panting (his back surgery was only 5 months ago and still healing, so he is quite unfit and is supposed to be very careful until December), we both decided to do this every day from now on and I am thrilled! It won’t be embarrassing for him as we are in a quiet rural area so our road, and the road around the corner, has very little traffic.

It will be much better tomorrow, and we will probably ride further if I get the hay fever tablets.

31 responses to “Why do I need ID to get hay fever tablets?

  1. ksbeth says:

    it’s happened here too, and i felt like a criminal having to register to get my sinus meds. it’s due to the fact that people are buying them because they have an ingredient that they manufacture meth with. i’m probably profiled now because i have allergies and sinus issues so i have to buy it often )

  2. Rachel's Ramblings says:

    Horrible things antihistamines, I got prescribed some and took 1 at night cause they make you drowsy. Next day I was still a zombie so refused to take them again. Luckily I don’t get hayfever.

  3. Terry says:

    You go girl! Fly away on that bike!

  4. Yes the antihistamines are used by druggie people to manufacture illegal drugs – that’s the reason for the ID, I guess even when they know you they can’t make exceptions.
    The cycling sounds great for both of you getting fitter – it’s good for you and a nice thing to do …

  5. It’s so lovely to see those little buds on the trees but they make me a snotty mess as well. Julie, so much has happened as I read through your posts!!! Glad to hear you are having a pleasant ride with your son.

  6. bulldog says:

    ID for anti histamines?? Whats wrong with Aussie land, going over board aren’t they? You can buy them off the shelf here…

  7. We have had to show I.D for quite some time here in the States; the ingenuity of people is rather “impressive”; hayfever medication plus a few more houehold items can make illicit drugs, how they came up with the recipe is beyond me because it involves amonia, the hayfever meds, some other house cleaning products I think, basically a recipe for disaster and yet people still cook the stuff. I put the word impressive in quotes because it is more like scary, but still why can’t these people use their brain power for good? Like finding a recipe to cure serious illnesses? I tell you. Happy bike riding!

  8. Just love the vision of you whizzing past Ming on your bike 😉 Arghhhh about the antihistamines.

  9. viveka says:

    Electric bike …. wow !!! I have been thinking about one .. but we don’t have any hills in Landskrona, it’s so flat. What a fantastic thing … if I had lived next door I would have join you two.
    I really hope you will get your medicine – I know so many people with hay fever … stay safe on the bike, you two.

  10. susanpoozan says:

    Lots of sympathy in your hay fever ordeal, i hope it rights itself quickly.

  11. It is good to do things together. These are the moments we remember and cherish. ❤
    Have fun you guys!
    Diana xo

  12. cecilia says:

    Oh I hate that. Here i can pop down the road and buy a gun, but i cannot buy a nasal spray (for my hayfever) without a prescription and we all know how often i go to the doctor.. so when I go to NZ I buy a years supply of the stuff and bring it back to the US.. weird.. Though I had to have an ID to buy chlorine the other day! weird.. c

  13. janeslog says:

    Must be a reason. In the UK things like paracetamol and aspirin are sold in packs of 16 tablets and you are limited to buying 2 boxes at once. At one time you could buy big tubs with 100 tablets in them.

  14. I LOVE bike-riding (on flat roads 🙂 )
    This inspires me!

  15. tootlepedal says:

    Great to hear that you are out on your bike. Cycling does wonders for my spirits so I hope it works for you too.

  16. I was trying to figure out what showing ID does in eliminating someone buying an antihistamine does…?? Ahhh well…. Diane

  17. BIKE RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fix all for many things. Or a workout. Or a relaxing thing. Or a mode of transportation. Or so many wonderful things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Good day for you!!!!

  18. Yeah I know what you mean about needing ID to get cold tablets although you can get Phenergan without ID which works great for me

  19. Vicki says:

    Sorry to hear about the hay fever, Julie.

    Good to hear about the bike ride though.

    “Things are a-changing Down-Under”.

    I had the pharmacist reel off a whole lot of instructions/precautions etc etc a few weeks ago. I said I’d been buying the same (prescription) drug for years from that chemist shop and didn’t need to hear the whole ‘kit & caboodle’ story thing, but she said she was obligated by law to ‘spell it out’ for everyone.

    I actually get really annoyed with it, since they know me so well. But I guess they’re only doing their job.

    Diane’s got a good point. If you show ID, what does that actually prove.

    Everyone has ID. I could be the biggest ‘druggie’ out and just by showing my ID means it’s legal for me to buy anti–histamines? Duh?

  20. FlaHam says:

    Julie,The ID is required here in the States too. Some component in the antihistamin the drug chemist need to make meth, at least that’s what my pharmacy tells me, and I believe them On a lighter note don’t you think you might have Ming at a significant disavantage, you using an electric bike, and him pedalling??? Just curisou. Take care, Bill xo

  21. Judith Post says:

    It’s so cool that you two are riding bikes together! I have to show ID to get my sinus pills, too. One of the ingredients is used to make meth. And the pharmacist keeps tabs on how many I take, so I’d better be good.

  22. Trisha says:

    I hope you were able to get your allergy tablets. It’s so frustrating that drug abusers make it so difficult for the rest of us to get the medications we need just to get through real medical conditions.

    The bike riding sounds wonderful. I wish there were a way to coerce one of my sons to go with me but I can’t think of anything that would do the trick. Enjoy your rides!

  23. It truly is ridiculous, but alas, a sign of the times. I wish you fresh air and a dry nose! Good luck on your ride tomorrow.

  24. Julie, you are too young for an electric bike lol!!! Glad to hear you’ve been out riding. We had a great long weekend away cycle camping, some of the roads will have Tour de France riders on them as Le Tour comes to British this year and 2 stages are in Yorkshire. Sorry to hear about your hay fever, I find that strange because you must be going in to autumn now as its spring here and there is tree blossom everywhere. Beautiful.

  25. Colline says:

    Never heard of this. Must be a new thing.

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