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Born with a silver spoon ….

Today is my first niece Ashtyn’s birthday and in around five weeks she will give birth to her and Gordon’s first child. So on the weekend there were numerous celebrations – a mother blessing ceremony, a baby shower, and a birthday party.


Ashtyn is gifted with the ability to be the star at every family gathering without even trying. Her birthday invitation read “The Most Important Day of the Year!” And her favourite present (given by her sister) was a selfie stick which was put to much use that day.




At the baby shower, my mother, “Grandma” now to eleven grandchildren and one great-grandchild, gave Ashtyn two pictures that she had hand-embroidered over the last few weeks, then had framed. She’d told Ashtyn that if the baby were a boy, she would have the angel picture back for another occasion, and if the baby were a girl, she would have the train picture back for the same reason. Ashtyn’s response: “No way! I’m keeping them both.”


I haven’t included the numerous pictures taken of the rest of us because, well, I didn’t want to detract attention from Ashtyn haha!

Anyway, in all the decluttering of this household, I had already found several silver teaspoons and I remembered that Ming had been given one at his christening. So I sorted through the good ones, found a matching spoon and fork, polished them up and then found a suitable box.



I was so excited about this gift for Gordon and Ash’s baby that I did a bit of research into the whole silver-spoon-in-the-mouth tradition and was delighted to find that using silver cutlery is a lot more healthy and hygienic than other materials. Who knew!

Ashtyn is an absolute joy of a person to be around; she is totally, unselfconsciously, gregariously, generously beautiful. I am so proud to be her auntie and can’t wait for all of the mother-and-baby selfies!




Ashtyn is my eldest niece and she has the gift of effervescence in spades. Recently, she, and her Scottish beau, were married in Edinburgh but have now returned to Australia to settle in Perth.

There is something so sparkling about Ashtyn that, no matter what anyone else is going through, she lightens it up with her smile, her positivity and her wisdom. As her aunt, I respect her and applaud her for all of her accomplishments and for her ability to love each individual in her ever-expanding family, not just with sentiment but with a roll-icky humour. She actually reminds me sometimes of my own father, “Dad” who died before ever seeing her. Dad was mostly pretty serious, but when he broke out into humour it was amazing.

Ashtyn’s humour is contagious; she has a way of making you feel good even when you are feeling bad and I now realise that she is the epitomy of effervescence.

Happy birthday, Ashtyn!