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Ming was successful in his audition!

For those who don’t know, Ming has been doing ‘extra’ work over the last couple of weeks but last week he had to properly audition for a more serious role and he got the part! It’s only for a trailer for a film/TV series pitch so it is very early days but of course I am already seeing his name in lights haha! He is the main supporting role in what looks like a political drama comedy and he will play the part of a rather arrogant young up-and-coming politician.

As the rehearsals and filming will take part in Perth (2 hours away), he will be staying with friends and family as he has done for the last couple of weeks. I told him to increase the list of possibilities so that people wouldn’t get sick of him, but he just said, “Mum, who could ever get sick of me?” I decided not to answer that question.

So exciting!