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The beginning and end of our BMW


It was 1993 and Anthony and I were engaged to be married in a couple of months. The 1991 325i BMW was for sale and Anthony wanted it so much. My PhD scholarship money had come through so I offered to chip in (my rich farmer had a cash flow problem). He said no, I said yes, he said NO, I said YES, then he said okay.

That was such an exciting day. We bought it and Anthony cherished it to the point of obsessiveness so that BMW spent a lot of its life with us being washed, polished, vacuumed and not driven!

A few years ago, Anthony’s Parkinson’s Disease had reached a point where it was too dangerous for him to drive, and a few weeks ago, we decided to sell the BMW to someone who was willing to double the price, and pay cash, because he wanted this particular model.

Bittersweet but necessary. It was like saying goodbye to a good friend.