wings and things


I have just watched the 6th episode of Ricky Gervais’ Derek, and am struck mostly by the way it portrays a nursing home environment and the kindness of carers (rather idealized, nevertheless nearly real). It broke my heart to watch this because, as many of you know, my husband, Anthony, is now in a nursing home; but it also made me laugh because I can relate to many of the antics. I think this is a series that all who work in nursing homes should watch because it re-humanizes the people they are caring for. My gratitude to Wattle Hill Lodge staff for caring for my husband is something that leaps into my mind and heart every morning when I wake up without him here at home.

The kindness expressed, via gifts from friends to the children, facebook messages and blog support, to my family – my mother, brothers, sister-in-laws and to all of the children injured in the car accident two weeks ago, including my niece’s best friend (the niece still in hospital) – are so appreciated.

One of my brothers and his beautiful wife are all home now with their three injured-but-recovering children. K (11-yr-old nephew with the broken femur) is excited that his best friend has broken his arm in a trampoline mishap – well, not excited but you know what I mean. M (K’s twin) took her broken fingers and toe to a disco last night, still wearing her neckbrace! And T (also still in neckbrace) continues to stand tall and to support all of us with her amazing attitude and grace.

My other brother and his beautiful wife are in a more tenuous situation as they await their daughter, S’s spinal brace to be fitted so she can get out of that hospital bed. I know/pray she will make a full recovery long-term but at the moment it’s all very emotional and anxious for all of us.

The moments of absolute fury that this happened have been alleviated by the kindness expressed to all of us. Thanks to all. And thanks, Ricky Gervais, for a different perspective on the act of kindness.