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A way with words

Despite the fact that Ming always loathed anything to do with literacy when he was at school, he has a wonderful way with words and, like Anthony, often comes up with the funniest phrasing.

The other morning I was about to go in to see Anthony and, wanting to add a bit of colour to the day, now that the weather is wintery, I’d dressed in an orange shirt and a multi-coloured jacket that had a bit of orange in it. As I was about to leave the house, I had this brief conversation with Ming:

Me: Do you think this shirt clashes with the jacket, Ming?

There was a long pause as he looked at me, his brow furrowing in exactly the same way Anthony’s is furrowed.

Ming: I have a bit of a problem with the jacket, Mum.

Me: What? But it’s my favourite jacket!

Ming: Well it makes you look a bit like a hippy.

Me: I’ll have you know it was a very expensive jacket and everyone else loves it!

Ming: They must have very poor taste then.

Me: Well thanks a lot, Ming, for the vote of confidence! I had wanted to be like a kind of rainbow today for Anthony’s sake.

Ming: Oh! Sorry, Mum. In that case your outfit makes perfect sense but it is TOXIC to the fashion industry, just so you know.

I couldn’t stop laughing on my way into the nursing home and wondered if Ants would have the same reaction. So, on entering his room, I asked him how I looked.

Anthony: Messy.