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A peachick + a flame tree + pavlova = a great New Year’s day


It was so funny watching the interaction between Anthony and my ever-curious little peahen, Gutsy9. But Anthony was much more interested in his glorious flame tree….


And my mother’s pavlova!



Time travel

This morning I was about to run into the bedroom and wake Husband up to ask him a question about the flame trees, then remembered he wasn’t here. That hasn’t happened to me before and he has been at the nursing lodge for nearly two months. Missing his presence here is a bit of a mixed bag because my nostalgia tends to yoyo back and forth in time to when Husband was well, to when became ill, to when he was well, to when his condition worsened – and so on….

Anyway, I rang him instead and after our usual catching up chatter, and telling him I’d be in later to see him, our conversation went like this:

Me: I’m writing a little blog on the flame trees. How old do you think they are?

Husband: Well over 100 years.

Me: So did you plant them or were they here when your family bought the farm?

There was a rather long pause

Husband: Jules?

Me: Yes?

Husband: I’m not that old.

Well, that gave us both a laugh.

Husband: You’re not very bright in the mornings are you.

Me: Shut up!

Well, here are the flame trees! They are bright red in the winter months and bright green in the summer months. The reason I took this picture was because, during one of my searches for the emus, I thought one of the flame tree branches was an emu. That was probably in the morning too!