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The way to a man’s heart?

Ming’s Sunday breakfast: I spread half an avocado on two pieces of wholemeal toast, then cooked eight bacon rashers, two sausages, three eggs and one tomato. It took me around 10 minutes to prepare. It took Ming exactly four minutes to consume.

I took Anthony out to the Dome this afternoon where he demolished an enormous piece of chocolate mousse cake with extra cream. I sipped my coffee and watched in amazement.

After taking Ants back to the nursing lodge and settling him into his room, I came home to find Ming sitting in the living room hungry. I am not sure if he has forgotten where the kitchen is, or forgotten how to open the refrigerator which generally has food in it, but he appears to have some sort of mental block when it comes to feeding himself. So I gave him his requested snack of strawberries and cream with some reluctance. He ate it unreluctantly.


I’m not eating THAT!

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As a baby, then a toddler, then a kid beginning school, Ming had absolutely no interest in sustenance. It was a nightmare trying to breastfeed or get him to drink from a bottle and he seemed to be able to survive on air. It all worked out in the end but argh.

And now Gutsy9 is doing the same thing – so funny!