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An auspicious occasion

Here is a photo of my dearest old friend and me at his wedding brunch the other day.


My dearest old friend, who I have known for over 40 years, got married last week and on Saturday morning a group of us celebrated at a beautiful apple orchard up in the Perth hills.

My dearest old friend, and his partner of 17 years, exchanged rings, and spoke of their love for each other eloquently; a priest, who has known my friend for longer than I have, gave a heart-felt blessing; and then two other friends toasted the happy couple. I had the honour of sitting on my friend’s right hand side during a delicious brunch.

My dearest old friend makes me laugh like nobody else can, cooks the best shepherd’s pie ever; performed Anthony’s and my own wedding ceremony; and was the first person (other than Anthony) to see baby Ming.

My dearest old friend is the only person in the world who can convince me to wear ‘a frock’ (well, I compromised by wearing a skirt).

I am so happy for my dearest old friend and his partner!