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Embarrassing moments 2

A few weeks ago I had to get help from a computer technician, a surveyor, and a telecommunications antenna installer for various jobs. All three of them had the name Chris, a name I really like, but a name that I will, from now on, always associate with confusion.

Once Antenna Chris had attached my no-longer-mobile phone to a dock to an antenna placed on our roof, I was relieved to once more have a working telephone (since the land-line had worn out, literally). So when Surveyor Chris (who I hadn’t yet met) rang me not long after Antenna Chris had gone home, I raved on about how wonderful he was and thanked him profusely until I realized I was talking into a strange silence. Thinking I had another phone problem, I said, “Chris? Are you there?” and Surveyor Chris said, rather hesitantly, “Yes, but I think you think I am someone else?”

An hour or so later the phone rang and it was Computer Chris to see if he could come over the next day to finish up. Once again, I thought it was Antenna Chris who had left the antenna cord dangling until I tested it out and he had planned to tidy this up by attaching the cord to the wall with a bit of plaster. So I said that would be great and raved on about how wonderful he was and thanked him profusely until he interrupted me by saying, “I don’t know anything about the antenna – I want to finish up work on your laptop.”

Just for the record, I do not have a crush on Antenna Chris; it’s just that I think he is every other Chris.

Surveyor Chris is yet to ring me back.