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Out to lunch!

Today is the fifth day I have been out to lunch with various family and friends AND had visitors in the evening. I feel thoroughly resocialized!

Yesterday was lunch at the local tavern with Ming’s best mates’ families. The day before was lunch at a restaurant with Ming, Meg and Anthony, where Anthony proved that his appetite is still quite healthy by vacuuming up two dozen oysters naturale AND a chocolate dessert (even though he had already had his usual roast dinner at the nursing home!)

And then there was lunch with with an old friend whose husband is in hospital, lunch with Tony (which I already blogged about), lunch today with Anthony’s niece who is also my niece but she is older than I am but looks younger (grrr!), then drinks here with another old friend, her husband and gorgeous daughter, then last night a rollicking time with my first niece, Ash, and her Scottish husband, who have both moved back to Australia.

Happiness can be a bit exhausting. Oh yes, and the peahens are gradually returning!