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‘The look’

on February 26, 2012

Here is ‘the look’:

‘The look’ represents many things and can be very difficult to interpret at times. For example, ‘the look’ can look like determination or courage, but it can also look like melancholy or resignation.

I didn’t take this photo of Son before his surgery; someone else did, however today I have been the lucky (ha!) recipient of just such a look, but this time ‘the look’ looked like rage or frustration. Fortunately I was ready for today’s fall from the great heights of elation, so our spat was relatively short-lived and bandaged with an awkward hug (it’s hard to hug a plastic corset), so all is well again.

Navigating the hills and valleys of our next few weeks is going to be tricky. Son’s corset thing is very restricting and he has to wear it all the time, except during the night when he sleeps. Today, full of energy, he wanted to do some of his usual outside jobs, but he couldn’t; he couldn’t even lift the bucket of water that he’d managed for fill for the dogs.

I think it might be awhile before we all see another ‘look’ from Son. The following photo was also taken before his surgery.

I will watch and wait for this other ‘look’ for as long as it takes….


8 responses to “‘The look’

  1. Saying a prayer that his healing time is swift. You’ll get that “look” again. Hang in there. I know it’s hard to watch someone you love suffer.

  2. dou dou says:

    My little sister had a slight case of scoliosis, had to wear a huge metal back/leg brace for a long time – of course this was years ago…. hope your son is better soon! So glad there is surgery to correct this now! Tell him to take at easy and let himself heal properly 🙂

  3. victoriaaphotography says:

    Your Son is a very brave young man. No doubt the coming weeks and months are going to be full of frustrating days, but with your support I know he’ll get through them.
    Like all young people, he’ll find it hard to ‘go slow’ for a while.

  4. I get the Look from Dimples all of the time. It’s enough to give me a complex.

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