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Pull your socks up!

on February 27, 2012

Yesterday was supposed to be fantastic, with Husband home for the day. I had sushi, smoked salmon and blue cheese (some of Husband’s favourites) ready for lunch. But Husband doesn’t have much of an appetite these days so it ended up being a bit of an anti-feast.

Yesterday was supposed to be fantastic and I had envisioned one of those sentimental scenes in which people who love each other run across fields of daffodils in slow motion and embrace; after all, Husband and Son hadn’t seen each other for over two weeks. But when I picked Husband up from the nursing lodge he was uncharacteristically grumpy because I was late, and, when we got home, Son was asleep. The daffodil-ish scenario evaporated and a whoosh of disappointment blew through the house.

Yesterday was supposed to be fantastic, but by the time Son woke up, Husband was outside trying to water the garden, I was walking the emus whilst keeping an eye on Husband, we somehow lost Husband’s new walking stick, then I lost sight of the emus, then I lost sight of Husband, then the tension reached a nasty twang when Son came outside to yell at Husband to come inside so they could watch a movie together and have a talk and a hug! I told Son later that if he needed a hug he would have to ask less angrily…. Mmmm.

Yesterday was fantastic when, finally, both my men ended up watching Red Dog after which Son had a ‘deep-and-meaningful’ with Husband about how he now identifies with being disabled. The difference is, of course, that Son is getting better and Husband is getting worse. I intentionally withdrew from their company so they could watch the movie together in manny mode. When I heard them chatting, I was relieved because over the last year or so, Son has found Husband increasingly difficult to relate to and vice versa.

Yesterday was fantastic when both of them called me to put their socks on. Unfunnily enough, one of the things they now have in common is that neither of them can manage this. Earlier, Son said, “Sorry, Mum, this like what you do for Dad”, but I said, “No, your feet are much bigger,” and we had one of those half-hearted laughs where you can only manage a one-syllable ‘ha’ rather than a ‘hahahaha’.

Yesterday was supposed to be fantastic and it wasn’t. And then it was. And then it wasn’t again.

So, once I’d taken Husband back to the nursing lodge and settled Son into bed for a late afternoon nap (he is still on very strong painkillers), I went out to spend time with the birds.

Then I pulled my socks up.

15 responses to “Pull your socks up!

  1. magsx2 says:

    You just never know what the day will bring, a bit of a mixed day for you.

  2. meglane says:

    Life is such a roller coaster isn’t it. But usually not all in one day! M.L.

  3. tootlepedal says:

    A tough day pulling socks up all round. I am sorry that it didn’t go as you wished.

    On a side note, I don’t think I have ever read the words “I was walking the emus” before.

  4. Ann says:

    Ditto who the hell walks emus? You always were one of a kind Jools! xx

  5. Expectations are tough to live up to sometimes. Great pictures, btw!

  6. victoriaaphotography says:

    It certainly was a mixed sort of day, but that’s life I guess.

    So glad to hear Son and Husband were able to get some time together.

    (Note: Don’t know whether you’ve got carpet or polished boards in your home, but tell Son the way to take socks off when you can’t bend, is to drag your foot backwards on the carpet very firmly – the carpet sort of grips the sole of your sock and pulls it off. I bought a ‘pick-up-stick’ from the Occupational Therapy dept of the hospital after my back surgery. I guess I learnt 101 new ways of doing things when I couldn’t bend. Especially as I am single and live on my own. One of the hardest things to do was drying between my toes).

  7. pixilated2 says:

    Julie, Considering the circumstances, I think the fact that the men in your life were together and talking should be considered very successful/fantastic. To my way of thinking that was the most important part… Also, your perception of the day and theirs may very well be quite different!
    ~ Lynda

  8. 2me4art says:

    You really are brilliant with words. I think I’m going to read your whole blog today.

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