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Absence makes the heart grow furious

on February 28, 2012

When our two male golden pheasants, Phoenix 1 and Phoenix 2, went to war over a female, and Phoenix 2 flew away, I was at first alarmed, then bereft, then relieved to find out that Phoenix 2 was happily living with neighbours.

Strangely, even though Phoenix 1 – picture below – banished his brother, he, too, has been bereft and rather reclusive and obviously very lonely.

For months now he has been coming to the back veranda window to stare forlornly at his reflection. He has also been really silent and moody and seems quite angry to be the only pheasant here now. He misses the females he and his brother fought over but like I said to him yesterday, ‘It’s your fault – you scared them all away!” Funnily enough, my harsh words drew him closer to me and he took the bit of cabbage in my hand. He doesn’t usually come so close, so that was lovely.

It was almost as if he knew that I knew that he knew we were both in similar predicaments of loss. I’m not sure.

8 responses to “Absence makes the heart grow furious

  1. victoriaaphotography says:

    Those Golden Pheasants are stunning birds Julie. I just wish one of my shots taken at the zoo showed the lovely details your images show. Alas, their zoo cage is dark and the one brightly coloured bird keeps hiding or running away whenever it sees me.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Alas I can’t take credit for these photos – my niece, Jane Terren, who sometimes comments on the blog, took these! I try to take photos of Phoenix all the time but he is very flitty and fast and I haven’t been able to get a good one yet!

  2. tootlepedal says:

    What sensational birds these are.

  3. I’ve no doubt he knew/ Their keen sense of our emotions is a stunning testament to their intelligence.

    Hang in there Jules~

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