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Sometimes I get a bit freaked out

on July 3, 2012

Tonight on the phone Anthony asked me when I would be coming to join him at the Captain Stirling for a beer.

The last time we were at this pub I was pregnant with Ming – 19 years ago.

Tomorrow, when I bring Ants home for the afternoon, I will ask him about this because who else can I ask? He is my confidante and likes me to talk to him about him – weird but good too, I think!

21 responses to “Sometimes I get a bit freaked out

  1. pixilated2 says:

    I see this as weird, and I agree it is a good thing. Talking to him, about him, seems like it would keep him in the here and now instead of slipping away. I could be wrong, what do I know? But it seems to make sense. ~ Lynda

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Interesting in some sense that, you are flashing back through your Romance Novel…and Anthony is doing so in a a whole other way. I wish he could join you in writing the novel instead – truly do….xo

  3. ceciliag says:

    Are you going to pop into the pub on the way home?!! Good that you guys talk. but goodness.. c

  4. I don’t blame you for being a bit freaked out!

  5. bluebee says:

    When we lived in Perth, I worked down the road from the Captain Stirling and we used to go there for pub lunches 🙂 Can Anthony still drink beer, Julie?

  6. I think its awesome Jules that you are able to bring some sense of normalacy from your past togther into the present. I’m not sure Anthony will recall the phone call bjuut the memories of the times at the pub are obviously treasured ones. I love that you take each new thing with almost a nonchalance. It’s good for Anthony to have you just go with the flow. I hope I have this same gift Jules when my time comes, you are such a mentor for me.

    Hugs from me today…..and hoping that the day’s home visit goes really well.

  7. Fergiemoto says:

    Shocking, if that hasn’t happened before! I understand your concern. I’ve heard some shocking words coming from my aging grandmother lately – things that seem like short term memory is going, and long term memory surfacing as if they were the present.

    • jmgoyder says:

      The fact that Ants often remembers the hallucinations when he is not hallucinating is also disconcerting! So does your grandmother say things that seem out of character? The displacement of short term memory with long term memory is an interesting but disturbing part of dementia.

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