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Didgeridoo delights!

on August 30, 2012

38 responses to “Didgeridoo delights!

  1. Louise G. says:

    Very cool!

    PS — and I love the peek inside the world around you! 🙂

  2. terry1954 says:

    i am sorry the photos were a shade dark, but wasn’t that your son???

  3. Are we not going to get a ‘tune’ from Ming?

  4. bulldogsturf says:

    I bet he hasn’t stopped playing it…

  5. ceciliag says:

    how cool, i have a son who plays the didge too. i love that sound.. c

  6. viveka says:

    Wonderful …. !!! If he hadn’t been delighted over his gift … I would have come down and sorted him out *smile

  7. I always think Ming looks like Anthony but it that last picture I can sure you in him! Looks like he LOVES his Christmas present.

  8. pixilated2 says:

    Has anyone told you today that you are the best mom?

    Well, “You are the best mom!”

    (like my vote counts… lol)

  9. Julie Lane says:

    rohan has a didi also. perhaps they could share tunes. rohan learned on a vaccuum cleaners pipe.

  10. niasunset says:

    WOW! This is amazing, I can imagine now… I am sure our sons would enjoy to make music together. Blessing him, Thank you dear Julie, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  11. Looks like a happy boy! Here in CA I’ve seen them make didgeridoos out of pvc pipe. They use a blowtorch to darken the exterior, and they actually make a pretty good sound, not sure if it’s exactly the same, but close. Nothing compares to an authentic instrument, I’m sure.

  12. Wait a minute! I thought that was Ming’s Christmas present. Do y’all celebrate Christmas at a different time of year?

  13. Now we can say we knew him when…

    Good job Mom!! He looks pleased

  14. Ha. This is what I getting soooo behind in reading your blog. My comments are irrelevant. Awesome instrument and Ming looks very cool playing it. Don’t know if the termed is still used, but it is what comes to mind seeing Ming play — “Chick Magnet.”

  15. bluebee says:

    I laughed at your description of the anticipation you felt before giving Ming his present – wonderful 😀

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