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Love story 94 – Fireworks

on September 13, 2012

Oh how I love remembering the early years of my marriage to Anthony and the joy of our little Ming:

Ming was just a toddler when Anthony and I took him into Bunbury, the nearest town, to see the Australia Day fireworks. It would be his first time. We went in early in order to get a parking space at a place called Boulter’s Heights, where we knew we would be able to view the fireworks from up high and from a slight distance, rather than being in the midst of the throng of revellers down in the main street.

Ming found even the waiting-for-the-fiyaworks exciting (although of course he wasn’t quite sure what fireworks were, except that it needed to be dark). He played with the rapidly increasing group of other little children, while what was a small gathering of adults gradually became huge.

As dusk fell and the crowd of big and little children grew, I kept my eyes trained carefully on Ming in that instinctive “mother bear” way, making sure he wasn’t being bullied or feeling lost. Finally, I retrieved him from a barely visible group of kids and he was safely perched half on my knee and half on Anthony’s when the first fireworks exploded.

The brightness of that very first fireworks “taster” was much more intense – and much closer – than I had expected. Ming flung himself violently backwards against my chest at the visual impact. Silently shocked, he clutched at Anthony’s leg just before the second explosion of enormous light and colour. and the noise!

Ming’s silence made me wonder if perhaps this event was too scary for him. As kaboom followed kaboom, and with the colour, light and people’s shouts of glee surrounding us, I held tight to Ming’s trembling body. Oh no! Maybe he was too little to appreciate fireworks, I thought, as I bent my head into the crook of his neck to see if he was okay.

But I needn’t have worried. Yes, he was briefly mesmerised and frightened. But as the fireworks became more intense, so did the crowd’s pauses become longer and a communal bated breath replaced the noises of impatient anticipation.

It was into one of those pauses that Ming suddenly began to shout, over and over and over again, “DOYALUVITMUMMYDADDY???!!!” And then, “ANDONY, ANDONY, ANDONY!!!DONTCHALUVITMUMMYDADDY???!!!”

Each time Ming yelled this, it was in one of those hushed moments of awe immediately after a fireworks explosion. Within the relatively small hilltop crowd we’d formed, Ming’s exclamations seemed to ring out as clearly as the noise of the fireworks and the people around us started to laugh and clap at his contagious glee.

Eventually, Ming became quieter, disconcerted by the adult attention. Then he got off my lap and toddled awkwardly around me until he was behind me with his chubby little arms around my neck. As the last firework shone out lingeringly, Ming bent his face to my ear.

“DoyaluvitMummy?” he asked again, this time solemnly.

“I love it all right, Ming,” I said, squeezing his hands and grinning at Anthony.

“Mummy,” Ming whispered very softly, as if it were a very important secret. “My tummy is cubbling [cuddling] me!!”

I knew exactly what he meant!

The beautiful thing is that Ants remembers this night too, despite the PDD.

28 responses to “Love story 94 – Fireworks

  1. Judith Post says:

    What a wonderful memory! Something to always cherish.

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Such a great memory 🙂

  3. viveka says:

    An other sweet story – thank you so much – your love stories are so touching and pure. “My tummy is cubbling [cuddling] me!!” – what a great phrase – reading it I know exactly too how he felt.
    As a child when I had been quite for a long time and anyone asked, Viveka what are you up to or doing ??? I always answered – I delight myself … *smile.

  4. ceciliag says:

    Another perfectly described recollection, what a wonderful life you have beenl having, how special that you can write all this and that Ants still does remember some of it.. but most importantly that you LIVED it and are still LIVING in it.. seeing the brightness and the fireworks and getting A CUBBLY TUMMY! love love c

  5. terry1954 says:

    oh my dear friend Julie, that brought a tear to my eye as you told this beautiful memory………..thank you

  6. how sweet to see the world through a child’s eyes –

  7. elizabeth says:

    Julie, you have such a wonderful way of sharing that one can’t help but be enamored. And you’ve managed to get a toddler’s vocabulary… absolutely nailed! Thank you for sharing your family stories and memories. They are beautiful.

  8. sbcallahan says:

    these beautiful moments are what makes life worth going through our heartache. maybe these jewels are the reason when we are older or infirm our memories of the long ago are more readily available to us than what we had for lunch. i would rather remember an event such as this than the name of some medication or what time dinner is.

  9. This is such a lovely post. I didn’t know what PDD was, until I saw it in the tags, which makes it even more touching and brought tears to my eyes.
    Btw,thanks for liking my post on bullying.

  10. ltpen315 says:

    I love that you share these wonderfully sweet memories.

  11. Great story! My kids freaked out at the first fireworks but now they love them.

  12. victoriaaphotography says:

    How gorgeous is that Ming of yours.
    He is just so loveable.

    Ahhhhhh. The innocence of childhood.

    (Makes me wish I’d had children of my own).

  13. artsifrtsy says:

    That is soooo sweet! I confess I still get excited about fireworks 🙂

  14. niasunset says:

    Beautiful memory and amazing written piece. Thank you dear Julie, I hope and wish you feel better and have a nice weekend, love, nia

  15. These happy memories forever will be the sunshine within you.

  16. Oh what a great story and how great that Ants remembers it as well

  17. I love this memory and the way you tell it. Absolutely perfect!

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