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A stern word

on November 15, 2012

King: I have had a stern word with the boys and they have promised not to go over to the neighbours’ house again.
Me:Thanks, King.

Queenie: I have had a meeting with the girls this morning and told them that they must stay here.
Me: Thanks, Queenie.

Prince: Julie, we never go over to the neighbours’ place. It’s just those stupid blue peas that do that.

Princess 1: Yes, be assured, Julie – Princess 2 and I never leave here.

Peacock teen 1: I was just trying to get a bit of privacy with my girlfriend. How was I supposed to know I wasn’t allowed to go over the road?
Peacock teen 2: You’re not talking about Penny I hope.
Peacock teen 1: Yes, isn’t she gorgeous!
Peacock teen 2: Penny is my girlfriend, you idiot.
Peacock teen 1: Oh, sorry, they all look the same!

30 responses to “A stern word

  1. terry1954 says:

    I love the way you captured them with those backgrounds. they are so beautiful!!!

  2. shoreacres says:

    I’m looking and looking at that last photo – what are the white thingies off in the distance? If it were here, I’d think they were beehives. But they’re “there”, so I don’t have a clue!

  3. what cute birds, they’re really trying to be good neighbours. ❤

  4. That was good for a chuckle.

  5. diannegray says:

    Excellent – what beautiful birds they are 🙂

  6. viveka says:

    Because you are a true star … have I nominated you to “ ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ –

  7. mimijk says:

    Hmmm….something tells me there’s going to be a baby peacock in someone’s future…:-)

  8. janechese says:

    Ha Ha Ha caught in the act. Oh the excuses they (we) make!

  9. Silly birds. 🙂

  10. eof737 says:

    Very funny… I like the exchange. 😆

  11. pixilated2 says:

    Julie, in California, in Baldwin Park, there are peacocks everywhere. They have naturalized into the neighborhood from the LA County Arboretum. Many years back “Lucky” Baldwin owned the estate there and had many peacocks and parrots, etc. They know no bounds…

    Seems that the people living in the locality of the Arboretum either love them or hate them. Those who hate them, can’t do anything about them, because they are protected.

    I ask you, “How can you hate a bird that is so lovely as these?

  12. FlaHam says:

    Julie, you have quite the sense of humor, I know it helps you in many ways. Gosh I almost remember a conversation like that when I was a teenager. Take care, Bill

  13. Robyn Lee says:

    Funny Julie ~ and lovely lovely shots! xo

  14. Now this was funny………………

  15. Andrea Kelly says:

    What beauties 🙂

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