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on August 22, 2013

During yet another short blog break, I’m in cleanup/tidying mode so have tried to catch up with comments, and have visited other people’s blogs unhurriedly and with pleasure.

But I’m a little bothered by a couple of things:

1. I vividly remember re-blogging somebody’s post when I first started. At the time, I didn’t understand what re-blogging was and, as soon as I realized, I deleted it. It was about mothers and daughters. I apologize to that blogger for my ignorance.

2. During May this year, I took a blog break by unsubscribing from the nearly 200 blogs I’d subscribed to. Why the hell did I do that? Now I am still re-finding people. If I haven’t yet re-found you, please let me know!

One beautiful realization is that it isn’t necessarily necessary to engage with every single blog post (especially if the blogger is prolific!) There is no obligatory rule about this and silence is okay – such a relief!

I think, when I resume ‘proper’ blogging, on 1st September, I might do it on a weekly basis, rather than daily. Just until my heart catches up with my voice. So much is happening, and so much is not happening – argh!


55 responses to “Blog-cleaning

  1. Sorry, misread that as bog cleaning – must be my dirty mind.

  2. niasunset says:

    I love you dear Julie, you are always so nice and so thoughtful. Do you know what I thought now, I wished to take you to here for a while… Please be fine, take care of yourself too. You know, you are always here, your sun sticker shines always in my kitchen window, and every time I send my love and greetings to you… Thanks and Love, nia

  3. Terry says:

    I like the once a week thing until I see how many reads I would have to catch up with. Yuck!!!!

  4. I think it gets too much to handle if everyone blogs every day and we try to keep up with responding to each one. As it is, I’m on blog overload and I don’t want to overlook or leave out anyone, but there are only so many hours in the day. So I think your ideas are sensible.

  5. Colline says:

    We all learn and what is great about the people I have come into contact with is that they are very forgiving 🙂

  6. bulldog says:

    I love the fact that you still pop up every now and then… I have found no rules to Blogging, following, commenting, liking or any other thing… Julie this should never become a burden on you.. and no-one expects it either… I have cut back my follow portfolio, yet still don’t get thru them all… no-one has written me any bad notes… so get back to the enjoyment of it rather and never let it become a burden… I’m surprised every time I take a short break everyone is there when I return…. not all comment and not all like but they have to be there for me to get the hits… Have fun with it Julie… I’ll always be watching out for your posts…

  7. You make good sense… I need to do that. :)))

  8. Is there something wrong with re-blogging? I would think it would be an honour and I’m pretty sure if you don’t want people to re-blog you can indicate that in your settings, although I can’t imagine why…As long as they get credit and are linked. That’s why I do Friday Picks, I love showcasing them!

    As for weekly posts instead of daily ones: blogging should be fun, not a rigid discipline. I know I have a schedule (weird personality quirk) but there are many who only blog when they want to and I enjoy their posts just the same!

  9. So is there a problem with re-blogging that I don’t know about?

    • jmgoyder says:

      It wasn’t that I re-blogged but that I almost immediately deleted it – I wish I knew who the person was. She may have been flattered then insulted – argh!

  10. I hear you. It does take some navigating and figuring out the give and take of it, but what I’ve found is this is a great cyber community with some really terrific people out there who understand. I think the real juice is in letting go the expectation/obligation and enjoying the connection, however it may be. With your situation, I just hope you know from this cyber friend, I wish you well every day that as you continue to progress through this journey you’re on that your days are easy on you. I don’t really require anything in return. Stopping by here and having this connection is more than enough. Love, Paulette

  11. tersiaburger says:

    I too am battling to blog. I feel guilty posting the same old tearful story of my grief every day. I am consumed by it and feel that it is unfair writing the same emotions in slightly different words every day. There are no new stories to tell – just rehashing the pain. Enjoy your sabbatical my friend. Much love.

  12. tootlepedal says:

    I struggle to cope with under twenty blogs to follow. You are amazing.

  13. tootlepedal says:

    PS: sorry for posting so often.

  14. mrs fringe says:

    ((((((Julie))))) I love the people I’ve gotten to know, and continue to get to know, through blogging. For me, not having a set schedule to post has worked well. No pressure.

    And yes, when I get behind, it’s always such a pleasure to catch up on the blogs I follow–including yours ❤

  15. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    I had started only reading a certain someone’s blog once a week (as they post 3 separate posts nearly every single night and I couldn’t keep up).

    Made me realise that my own blogging was far too prolific, so now I do a few posts when I’ve been out on a photography excursion and then have breaks of 3-4 days (or more). In summer when I’m outdoors all the time, I do more posts of course.

    At least once a week (or more) I don’t read blogs at all. There comes a time (now I’ve been on the internet 3-4 years) when you have to be more choosy and look after your own sanity, eye strain and stress levels. You can’t spend all your time on the computer. It’s counter-productive and you suddenly realise you’re not getting any chores or food shopping done – lol.

    Since I get blog notifications via email (that’s what i prefer), I found it very hard to get up in the morning and delete every new post notification, but it’s getting easier and easier as time goes by. One feels guilty at not reading your follower’s blogs, but you’ve got to be realistic.

    I don’t know how you keep up with 200 blogs. I thought my 100 or so was hard enough. And my 100 are mainly photo blogs with no writing.

  16. cecilia says:

    Absolutely agree about not having to visit everyone all the time. I am lucky if I visit everyone once a month! No-one minds! We are developing relationships not time tables.. have a good one. Love c

  17. Wow, you subscribe to a lot of blogs. No matter you have a hard time keeping up.

  18. viveka says:

    Good thinking, Julie …. your world are always a pleasure to land in – when ever it’s open.
    This with following people just for following I have never really understood – I think the commenting is the most important thing. Looking forward to having you back in what ever form and shape it will be.

  19. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I think you’ve said it well, Julie, to say there’s no obligation to visit people’s EVERY post (especially if they’re prolific). Because of my work, I only subscribe to a few I really don’t want to miss, but I visit my favourites regularly – simply because I like to.

    I subbed to someone as I was believing of her cause, but realised not only is she prolific, she’s actually a bit stuck on her theme and I suspect she just might be doing posts to get the attention of someone she said she was “over”. So there’s an example of a sticky situ because I wish this person well, but there’s a post almost every day & sometimes a wee bit bitter.

    I’ve learned blogging is to be ENJOYED, done at your leisure, at your will, at your inclination, or it becomes a chore (and I know that feeling), and that is a real shame to lose – to lose that feeling of “I wonder how x is going, haven’t heard from them in a while” or whatever, you know.

    & 200 is a lot of blogs… GALORE!

    • jmgoyder says:

      200 is way too many but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by unsubscribing – it seems rude. Dunno!

      • WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

        Julie, do what feels right.

        I know what you mean, but people don’t know WHO unsubscribed, they only know “someone unsubscribed”. I can see mine go down, then surprisingly up, then down. I don’t know why. I at first thought someone didn’t like THAT post because it was about men/money so maybe they thought I was a man-hater, or I thought someone thought I was false etc etc, and then I let it go and just thought, “Doing the story, not thinking about anything else…”

        No-one will know it’s YOU.

        I just posted a reply re Ming’s spine. Did that go through because I didn’t get the usual ok message?

      • jmgoyder says:

        I’m so thick! I thought people would know somehow that I had unsubscribed. Haven’t seen your comment re scoliosis yet. x

  20. Lynda says:

    Julie, your blog is not obligatory. You post when you feel like it. I do. That’s why I have the little B.W.O. sign in the right margin. 😉

    Look here:

    I try to post at least once a week, but there are no hard and fast rules about the frequency…

    Although some “authorities” would have you believe there are. Just tell us what you want/need to tell us, when you need to tell us, and those of us who really care about you will be here for you when you do. XO

  21. I am really hoping you will come back in September to say that everything is going to be okay with Ming’s spine. That is such a hard setback! Dimples just had a scoliosis screening, and has a bit of a curve so she needs to get x-rayed. I’m dreading that appointment!

  22. I no longer read all the posts in my reader…but I do scroll down to where I last was, and I’m unfollowing here and there myself because there’s just too much 😦 I liked reading them everyday (I rarely comment though) but I find with my in the office days being intense and jammed together that I can go several days without reading or posting I’m one of those often guilty of posting three or so a day and then none for a week!

  23. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    PS. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by unsubscribing, Julie. The only way one would notice is that if you always commented on every single person’s new posts and then suddenly stop commenting.

    But as I’ve had to UNfollow from many blogs which take too long to read, I’m sure I would understand if many people stopped following my own blog (if I write too much).

    I rarely leave comments on blogs now, just haven’t the time.

    Besides, Julie, just how many different ways can you say ‘sorry to hear that’ OR ‘love that photo’ OR ‘nice shot’.

    I’m really running out of sentences to use – lol.

    When the summer comes and I’m outdoors more (I hope), I will have to UNfollow many of the blogs I started subscribing to over the winter during inclement weather (or when I was too ill to go outdoors).

  24. Julie, I think you have a perfect philosophy. You visit people for your own pleasure in an unhurried way, not through sense of obligation. Enjoy that return to blogging.

  25. artsifrtsy says:

    Hi Jules
    It’s been good to see you posting again, I’ve been having a busy summer and am a bit behind myself. I think of you whenever I run into the peacocks on my lane. Take care of yourself.

  26. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I reckon don’t even say which day you’ll do it, just do it at will.

    Glad you’re sounding more positive, Julie.

  27. I can totally understand. Sometimes things just overwhelm us and we tend to start throwing away” things we think we can do without, then realize our error too late. I’ve done the same countless times.

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