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Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it a mouse?

on November 22, 2013

I guess it’s that time of year again – mouse season! I had intended to write a very serious post about very serious things until a very serious noise in the corner of my little home office alerted me to the fact that a very serious nibbling thing is chewing all of my grocery receipts (and I was going to return the inedible bananas – argh!)

Every time I creep just a few whispered steps towards the chewing noise, it all stops and there is total silence in that corner. But, as soon as I sit down on my chair in front of my laptop, the chewing noise happens again in that same corner. I keep carefully getting up from my chair to look into the corner with my torch and I have now put my Ugg boots on just in case … it’s a rat.

Okay, if this noisy, invisible, paper-munching, thing emerges in the next few minutes I will slap its face. No, actually I am a little scared of whatever it is so I think I’ll go to bed and hope IT doesn’t follow me.

28 responses to “Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it a mouse?

  1. Eek! I don’t like having mice in the house!

  2. We have those nasty noises in the house again too – for us it’s the winter approaching and they’re making themselves nice and cosy – eugh!

  3. Terry says:

    I hate mice, rats, anything small, quick and eats receipts!!!!! Quick! hide under the covers!!!!

  4. bulldog says:

    Don’t you own a shotgun… ???

  5. I have mice, it is an absolute annoyance. I’m lucky that I’m not scared of them and occasionally Jack gets one or two. Good luck. 🙂

  6. FlaHam says:

    Julie, I have just so many r rated thoughts rushing thru my head reading this, and it was all fun. I am sure you will get the critters. Take care, Bill

  7. Oh I hate that! We have them in our attic, chewed our wiring and it cost good sum to replace the electrical… arrrrrrrgh! BTW: if you ever come to visit me over here in Ventura County, I live near an ugh outlet store. Got mine for $20 there. 😉

  8. janeslog says:

    I’ll lend you my wee Louis. He’s a grey cat with white paws who loves to catch small voles in the fields near my house and bring them home. Some are alive when he drops them on the kitchen floor while the others die of shock.

    Or you can get a live capture mouse trap which does not kill the mice.

  9. Get out the mouse traps!

  10. Sorry I can’t send you Cap’n Firepants. He delights in tracking down those pesky creatures.

  11. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Isn’t it funny how we’re all nervous or scared around little critters that are so small (and probably harmless).
    I don’t like ants or spiders in the house. As a child I could never go to bed with a spider on the bedroom ceiling.

  12. ooh I don’t like noises inside walls either…..been there…. time for some traps or a little ‘puddy tat”….. lol Diane

  13. Trisha says:

    It’s funny how mice seem so cute and tiny but are terrifying when lurking unseen in a corner! We’ve had one shredding paper towels under the kitchen sink. They must have amazing hearing because like you, I just have to take a quiet step towards it and it’s gone.

  14. lensgirl53 says:

    To me that is a scary sound. One night when my husband was gone I sat up the entire time never putting my feet on the ground once I realized there was a critter in my room. It was extremely exhausting. LOL…..We used sticky traps and that did the trick.

    • jmgoyder says:

      I can’t hear anything tonight in my primitive little office (phew because Ming is out at movies) but as soon as I hear a sound I am going to bed – argh – like right now!

  15. Lynda says:

    Argh is right! I would be lining the base boards with sticky traps to catch the little bugger. 😯

  16. Mice are so bloody annoying, we have times when we seem to have a few of them each year so I get that mouse season comes around at times……………

  17. We used to deal with mice and rats. My most un-favorite thing about rural living. We would lay out traps to no avail, and inevitably turn to poison, only to have them die under the house, or worse, in the walls. I don’t envy you. Good luck with that.

  18. Eeek, I not a fan of rodents. 🙂

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