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Breaking nursing home rules!

on November 26, 2013

For the last couple of days, I have brought Anthony home for the day. On Sunday, friends came over to see him/us so that was fantastic but yesterday he opted for a quiet day with just Ming and me. Today, I just went in late (4pmish) and grabbed him to come with me to do a few errands: groceries, returning dvds, pizza for Ming etc.

So, as I was trying to get him to walk to the door and outside to the car, I asked the couple of nurses who were helping us if they liked pizza. Their eyes lit up (as mine do when I hear ‘pizza’) so I said I was going to get pizza for Ming and I would love to bring them some too. Then, a very interesting conversation ensued:

Nurse 1: We’re not allowed to accept gifts.
Me: It’s not a gift – it’s pizza!
Nurse 2: I like pepperoni.
Me: What is the problem? I hate these stupid rules.
Nurse 1: Well, if you give us anything, and we accept it, it could be misinterpreted as bribery.
Me: What?
Nurse 1: No, no (laughing) we know you but the rule is that if we accept any gifts from relatives we might be in trouble because it might seem like the relative is doing it to get better care for their loved one.
Me: OMG but I bring chocolates and pistachios and olives in all the time and share it around. Does everyone think I’m a briberist?
Nurse 2: Of course not! We know you but we just have to be quite careful about this sort of thing, because of the rules.
Nurse 1: I like Hawaiian.
Me: Okay, so when I come back with Ants, I’ll just put the pizzas at the desk anonymously?

Both of the nurses nodded and we all had a chuckle but as Ants and I drove around town doing my errands and then ordering the pizzas, I asked him what he thought about the bribery nonsense and he said, “That’s what it’s like at the school, Jules.” (He always calls the nursing home ‘the school’).

Anyway, I wasn’t taking any of this seriously until we got back to the nursing home. The first thing I did was to place three large pizzas on the nursing desk (nobody was there so my secret was safe). Then I went back to help Ants into his room and chair. I turned his light and television on and then we shared a bit of his own pizza, then I left.

On my way out, I heard one of the kitchen staff quizzing Nurse 2: Where did those pizzas come from?
Nurse 2: I have no idea – they just appeared! But I am really grateful.

As I leapt to the exit door for a quick getaway, Nurse 2 called out, “Have a great evening, Julie.” I just hope that when they eat those pizzas, they also eat the boxes because my fingerprints are on them!

57 responses to “Breaking nursing home rules!

  1. Appreciation for someone doing their work, a kindness extended to others. And our world these days think it’s a bad thing. Shaking my head. You are very kind, and obviously the nurses appreciate it.

    • jmgoyder says:

      I have a great relationship with the evening and weekend nurses but the weekday nurses scare the hell out of me!

      • Reminds me of when my 1st child was born. On a weekend. All weekend the staff and mothers/fathers and babies were SO engaged and happy. Come Monday morning a weekday nurse YELLED at a brand new daddy who was coming in to help his wife get ready to go home. She said there are OTHER mothers on that floor who may not want him there (before visiting hours). If it was me NOW, I would have calmly gone out and told her this new mommy was THRILLED to have the daddy’s there helping. And HER yelling was the only disturbing thing going on. 😦 I’m sorry they’re so scary!

      • jmgoyder says:

        I have noticed the massive difference in atmosphere on weekends – so much lighter without the hierarchy around!

  2. bulldog says:

    How can that be seen as bribery… well done for breaking that rule…

    • jmgoyder says:

      I don’t think the ‘bribery’ risk comes from the carers.nurses; it must come from the hierarchy who are probably eating caviar on Mars – who knows!

  3. I am glad you broke the rules and I know the nurses are!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m sending in the Pizza Police! Hysterical post! Love your sense of the ridiculous, Daughter of mine!

  5. You, you RULE BREAKER!!! Hooray for pizza!

  6. Rhonda says:

    Hahaha…you (sweet) rebel you!

  7. You are a beautiful breaker of silly rules!

  8. Love knows when to break the rules! Honestly policies are meant to enable orgs and companies to do their jobs. A lot of times they just become stupid or something that allow people to hide behind the rules. This situation is the other polar end stupid of the time you were not allowed to share food with Ants in that previous post!

  9. Rules Rules everywhere…..Too bad it just can’t be considered a little kindness shown…. Diane

  10. Let’s start a petition to fire the gestapo running and making the rules there, for Pete’s sake!! I think you should steal the dictator’s wallet and use that credit card to buy everyone their own pizza. And, cheese cake while you’re at it.

    Glad this one didn’t cause you any grief. Love that you did that. Wish I worked there and could be in cahoots with you to take over the school


  11. Very nicely done. Those nurses need a treat once in a while too.

  12. Crazy society we live in. You want to show appreciation and there’s a possibility of causing harm. Glad you “broke the rules!”

  13. tootlepedal says:

    Are you sure that nursing home managers don’t range the internet looking for examples of malfeasance? Wear gloves next time.

  14. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Hilarious !

  15. What is the world coming to when a person can’t show appreciation because it is breaking the rules, I wonder if the same rules apply at my nan’s nursing home because my aunt is always taking in cakes and such for the staff.

  16. Trisha says:

    I loved how the nurses alternated their protests with their pizza requests. Very funny and good for you for breaking the rules!

  17. Terry says:

    You are the best!!!!!! I am lucky to have you as a friend with such a huge heart! big hugs and thanks for making those nurses have an extra sparkle in their day

  18. Haha, I love your anonymous bribery! And the nurses love to play along!

  19. cecilia says:

    That is terrible, but very funny! Briberist! c

  20. bluebee says:

    hee hee – love it!

  21. I like that you just went ahead and got them the pizzas anyway! Good for you!

  22. Yes! Circumventing rules to the betterment of the people.
    You’re such a rebel Jules, I adore that about you!

  23. janechese says:

    Good one! I like how the nurses told you what they liked in between stating the rules.Clever!

  24. it does sound silly to someone like you. of course there are those who do this for exactly that reason. of course there are those who will always complain. my suggestion?? wear gloves next time:)

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