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Here we go again!

on December 12, 2013

Yesterday Ming and I went up to Perth for the pre-op. things – blood and urine, ECG, consent forms for bone graft and bone marrow, consultations with a nurse, a doctor and an anaesthetist and, in the midst of all of these exciting events, I opened the letter we’d been given on arrival.

Well I got a bit of a shock because his surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, 17th December! This means he will come out of hospital on Christmas Eve, or may be in over Christmas. Ming is elated it is happening before the new year but, with such short notice, I am a bit panicked about organizing things. He has to be in the hospital at 6.30am which means we will have to go up to Perth the night before and stay in a hotel. I will probably book in for two nights so I can see him the next day but then he wants me to come home again (“so you have time to get my Christmas presents, Mum!”)

This revision surgery is nothing compared to the massive scoliosis op. last year so it should be a piece of cake (I hope!) I took his photo this afternoon after asking him how he felt about the op. His expression is difficult to read but to me it says, “Fine!”


While we’re in Perth, these two guys will look after the farm!


64 responses to “Here we go again!

  1. Ann Koplow says:

    I’ll be sending good thoughts and wishes to you and Ming. Ming is so lucky to have you by his side. I read love and gratitude in his expression. Thanks, so much, for the post.

  2. Good luck Ming. Great hear you’re laving everyone in such capable hooves!

  3. Colline says:

    All the best for the surgery. I am sure you will manage to do everything you need to. And if not, the most important thing is that your son is well.

  4. Wishing Ming good luck with his surgery, Julie! It will be behind you before you know it and then Ming can start the new year off fresh….

  5. Looks like the farm will be in good hands anyway πŸ™‚ … all the best to you both for the surgery and the worrying … he’ll be fine!

  6. ksbeth says:

    good luck to ming, and to you, and to ants. and as bad as the timing may be, it is a great christmas gift after all. )

  7. elizabeth says:

    Praying everything goes better than planned and God anoints your time and energy. (((Love and hugs)))

  8. Oh my life just got busier. Best of wishes for everything (travel, organizing, surgery!) goes smoothly. And you get home in time to buy Ming’s gifts. πŸ˜‰ Does that boy look like his Papa or what?

  9. You have so much on your plate right now. I’ll be keeping a good thought for you. If I could be closer to you, I’d look after those alpacas. Somehow, I feel you won’t have any trouble finding someone to care for them while you are away. Good luck with everything.

  10. niasunset says:

    I wish all the best for you both, I am with you too. Love, nia

  11. Wow that was quick, I’d be feeling a little overwhelmed as well. I’ll be thinking of both of you as the days count down. hugs xoxox

  12. Judy says:

    Your son in a hunk! This is going to be a precious Christmas indeed. Hang in there, Julie.

  13. FlaHam says:

    Julie, More power to Ming, I think he has a great attitude, and I think he is wise enough to know to keep you as busy as possible during this time. You and Ants have raised a fine young man. His attitude is great going into the sugery, and he will be fine. Now you take a chill pill, and continue go get ready for Christmas. Take care, Bill

  14. My warm thoughts and prayers for Ming’s recovery!

  15. Wishing Ming all the best.

  16. pizzuti says:

    Well at least the farm will be in good hands. πŸ™‚ Ming will be fine.

  17. janeslog says:

    With operations it is often better to get the whole thing over and done with. When I was scheduled to get an operation at Glasgow Stobhill Hospital I was told to be there for 7am. Surgeons all seem to work early in the morning and in the UK they work in NHS hospitals during the day and privately at night.

    I decided to travel to the hospital in the morning of my operation by bus mainly to take my mind off it.

    Ask Ming if he prefers to be driven there early in the morning – he probably will not be able to sleep the night before anyway and the journey may relax him a bit.

    Also, did you ask about a local anaesthetic instead of a general one as they now do local ones in the Scottish NHS hospitals?

    After a local anaesthetic and being wheeled from the operating theatre, I was given a roll and jam and a cup of tea, then told 30 minutes later that I could go home. (It used to be toast but it set off the fire alarms and caused problems in the hospitals).

    He’s young so will have no bother with the op.

    Love the llamas. Looking at your garden reminds me of Edinburgh Zoo, with all the exotic birds and animals.

    • jmgoyder says:

      Thanks Jane. We would go the morning of but they are doing so much construction on the only freeway into Perth that I daren’t risk being late – anyway meeting some friends evening before and staying in a flash hotel walking distance from hospital. Re local anaesthetic, they won’t for this particular surgery but it does sound like a good idea. J

  18. I do hope he’s out of hospital before Christmas! Sending you both thoughts of love and good health.

  19. Sending prayers and good thoughts for all to go smoothly and to a good healthy full recovery. love, Paulette

  20. It will be a different Christmas for you. Here is hoping everything goes well and he is home as soon as possible.

  21. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Good luck though Julie. It is a shock that it’s suddenly on, but it’s good for it to be done before Christmas.

    Oh good luck, good luck xx

  22. It must be a bit disconcerting so close to Christmas but If Ming’s happy that’s the main thing…but it would be nice if he happened to be able to be home for Christmas…. Diane

  23. Trisha says:

    Ming looks pretty relaxed about the whole thing! I hope all goes well. Try to not stress too much. Easier said than done, I know.

  24. this is one less thing to worry about. you know you are in my heart and i am sending wishes for quick healing to ming.

  25. tootlepedal says:

    I’m glad the farm is in good hands. I hope everything goes as well as it possibly can for Ming.

  26. Lynda says:

    Sorry about Christmas, but glad for Ming’s surgery to be done so soon, Julie. I love your watch animals. I had heard they were good defenders of the farm…

    So, it is true then? Or are you having us on? :mrgreen:

  27. Having it soon is less time to spend in anticipation, so am glad for that for your sake.

  28. A fixed back is a great Christmas present! Good luck with the surgery prep.

  29. Terry says:

    Take a deep breath. Lean on God and I will pray for you and Ming. Love you my friend

  30. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Ming has a great (and right) attitude – the sooner the better. Not too much time to worry or think about the time in hospital (or the outcome).

    You are so lucky to have such a positive and calm son, ’cause it sounds like you do enough worrying for the two of you.

    I know the surgery will be a ‘breeze’ after last year’s long saga of recovery. Think what a great Christmas present it will be – surgery all done & out of the way before the new year.

    With any luck he might even be home for Christmas, but if he’s not, I know he’s got lots of friends and family support to keep him company.

  31. Wishing Ming good luck for the op. The 17th is my wedding anniversary, but I’ll be thinking of him too. πŸ™‚ xx

  32. Continuing to send thoughts and prayers that the surgery was successful and his recovery is speedy. Anxiously awaiting word…

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