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Good news!

on January 16, 2014

Yesterday, after wearing a head-to-hip spinal brace for three months, my niece was allowed to take it off for good. When I heard the news I couldn’t stop laughing and leaping crazily around the house! She was the last of the five children to be given the green light, so things are definitely looking up.

Here is a photo of her next to her brother last year. And yes that is Gutsy9 (as a baby) on her shoulder. Bravo, my lovely niece!


37 responses to “Good news!

  1. mimijk says:

    Terrific news!!

  2. artfulanxiety says:


  3. Happy Healing News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ksbeth says:

    yay, another step towards everyone healing.

  5. elizabeth says:

    Awesome!!! So happy for your niece, you and MIng. 🙂

  6. bulldog says:

    What good news….

  7. Great news to start the year off ! Diane

  8. healing is such a miracle that we sometimes take for granted. thank you so much for sharing this good news! i have been, as others, waiting for this, knowing how important it is to you and ming. my day will be a happier one as i am sure yours is. sending squeals of joy and big happy hugs!!

  9. Terry says:

    This is wonderful news! What a relief from your shoulders!!!

  10. That is great news indeed – worthy of celebration! I am so relieved.
    Diana xo

  11. FlaHam says:

    Julie, this is indeed wonderful news. It removes yet another visual reminder of the accident, and shows the strenght of spirit. Yes is a lovely young lady, and it time this will fade to just a bad memory for her and the rest of the kids involved. Take care, Bill

  12. tersiaburger says:

    How brilliant is this? I am delighted for you all. Much love!!!!

  13. joanne lane says:

    whoo hooo it is great.!!!!

  14. Trisha says:

    Wonderful news! And such a lovely young lady!

  15. Great news. It is a long time since I leaped crazily around the house. It must have been a great feeling.

  16. viveka says:

    Wonderful news …. poor girl, 3 months – but it’s all over now – just wonderful … so happy for her!!!

  17. fgassette says:



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