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Tom Attwater Is Dying. His Daughter Might Die, Too. The Letter He Left For Her Is Unforgettable.

on February 23, 2014

Vic's Final Journey

I found this on Len Carver’s Kindness Blog.  This is about a brave young man fighting to keep his daughter alive.  Please repost!  If you can please donate to his worthy cause.   Posted on  February 12, 2014  by  Kindnessblog Smith

Tom Attwater is dying of a brain tumor, but he isn’t worried about his cancer. Instead, he is trying to save his 5 year-old daughter from her own.

tom attwater

Tom Attwater with daughter Kelli and wife Joely

He has vowed to raise approximately $820,200.00 for her cancer treatment, even if he wouldn’t be around to see her go through it.

Now Tom is almost half way to his fundraising target he is more adamant than ever to reach it. Tragically his deadline is short as his latest scans show his brain tumour is growing.

He says: “These days people make bucket lists, and the very top of mine – the…

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20 responses to “Tom Attwater Is Dying. His Daughter Might Die, Too. The Letter He Left For Her Is Unforgettable.

  1. tersiaburger says:

    Thank you Julie and Bulldog!!

  2. mimijk says:

    I just donated and posted on my FB page – hope it will inspire others to help..

  3. Jules that is such a heart wrenching story. It really puts our own troubles in perspective. I’ll donate what I can. 🙂

  4. viveka says:

    Julie, a very touching story … and I hope of all my heart that this is not a scam, I’m very aware appeals like this. Even Tersia isn’t really sure it’s for real. I’m happy that so many has faith and have helped out.

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