wings and things


on April 5, 2014

Having a bit of a weekend break.

12 responses to “Weekend

  1. jmgoyder says:

    Thank you, Susan.

  2. mimijk says:

    🙂 A good thing to do every once in a while – unplug and enjoy!

  3. Good for you. We all need a chance to step back on occasion. I hope the new phone continues to work well for you and Anthony.

  4. artfulanxiety says:

    High five to that.

  5. bulldog says:

    enjoy Julie and sterkte…

  6. Peter Nowland says:

    Good morning Julie, hope this finds you well! Require the following to complete your & Anthony’s tax:

    1. Private health insurance details [tax letter]

    2. Details of any earnings /income you may have had earned such as pension/allowances.
    Julie Ants is going to be up for some Capital gains tax resulting from sale Wesfarmers shares. Will confirm amount when income tax return completed.

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