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The peacock dance

on November 22, 2014

Every morning at around the same time, King and Prince do this incredibly synchronized dance next to the water tank. Usually I watch them from the bedroom window but today I went out to take some photos and when they saw me they seemed to put some extra effort into their routine. A couple of the females came up to me in the hope of bread but when they saw I had none, they turned up their beaks as if to say ‘well you’re just as useless as those two fools flirting with the water tank.’

The peahens’ indifference to the peacocks’ efforts is hilarious to watch and it is a wonder to me that any chicks are produced at all! Anyway, I watched the peacocks dance for about an hour (yes they can do their routine for well over an hour; it must be exhausting), then I came inside with a big smile.

I will take the photos in to show the women in the dementia wing of the nursing home where I volunteer on the weekends between 3 and 4pm, and to show Anthony of course.


47 responses to “The peacock dance

  1. Yvonne says:

    What incredibly beautiful creatures they are. Joyful, indeed!

  2. How spectacular Jules! šŸ˜€

  3. cecilia says:

    aren’t they just amazing.. I need MORE!!! c

  4. lisasretro says:

    Very clever. I don’t think I have ever seen a white one.

  5. bulldog says:

    “Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.ā€ pair of showoffs… I love it

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs

  7. Trisha says:

    How amazing! And how funny that the peahens are so disinterested.

  8. Beautiful birds Julie! Hey, any news on the job you applied for? ā¤
    Diana xo

  9. They are gorgeous… It’s funny though that they keep it up for so long.. with no response Diane

  10. My Heartsong says:

    It was exciting to click on the photos and see enlargements, showing the strutting and shaking of the feathers. Quite fascinating! Seen them at the zoo but think their feathers are clipped and just don’t get the show that you do. Thanks for sharing , got a kick out of the girls ignoring their efforts. Such attitude!

  11. susanpoozan says:

    What a splendid record of the dance, the women will enjoy the pictures.

  12. Micheal Ward says:

    Hi Julie Just love how your peacocks do the same thing to your camera as mine do to me show off their white bum tail feathers to us, and did you know that the white peacocks are considered to be very lucky with the Indian community, when the sun shines through the eyes of the feathers that is lucky..

    Cheers Mike

  13. mimijk says:

    They are just gorgeous!

  14. So majestic! Must be absolutely mesmerizing to watch…

  15. thesnowwoman says:

    Thank you for sharing the dance, I have never seen it before. Peacocks are beautiful!

  16. Talk about nature’s display and a lovely interlude with all going on in your life. It’s a beautiful interlude and love how you captured the photos. Hugs to you. ā¤

  17. Such amazing critters!

  18. tootlepedal says:

    That’s a cut above two chaffinches.

  19. Laurie says:

    They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing their pas de deux.

  20. You have to admire their beauty and persistence!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Lovely display.

  22. Tiny says:

    Awesome pictures! Loved the dance!

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