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on January 28, 2015

Ming (our now 21-year-old son) is a bit of a character. He is loud and I mean LOUD, opinionated, sensitive, angry and has a biting sense of humour. He comes out with the most extraordinary statements, loves his friends ferociously, is a know-all, and often refuses to conform.

Due to these varied, sometimes contradictory, attributes, he and I are quite often at loggerheads about this and that, and these tiffs can be extremely unpleasant and we end up having to agree to disagree. But one of the wonderful things about our mother/son/dad-in-the-nursing-home relationship is our shared love of laughter.

For example, after a recent row (whispered because we were in the nursing home), Ming provided a solution which you can see at the end of this short transcript:

Anthony: Don’t fight, you two.
Me: I’m not fighting – he is!
Ming: Dad, she is … argh!
Me: Shut up, Ming, you’re the one with delusions of grandeur.
Ming: Okay, I’m leaving.
Anthony: Don’t go, Ming. Settle down, Jules.

Intermission: Ming and I sit down on either side of Anthony silently seething.

Me: What are we arguing about, Ming?
Ming: Well, you …. I don’t remember but you are …. wrong (trying not to smile)
Me: Okay, so you are always right?
Anthony: Steady on, Jules.
Ming: Don’t always cry, Mum! I’m sorry.
Me: I’m not crying – I’m smiling, you idiot!
Anthony: Ming, give her a hug.
Ming: I love you, Mum! I wish we could stop fighting.
Me: It’s probably normal, Mingy – it’s okay. We’re all tired.
Anthony: That’s better, you two.

Ming: Oh why can’t we all just frolic in the meadows?

And that’s where the laughter began – and I am still laughing!

43 responses to “Frolicking?

  1. Terry says:

    Excellent write

  2. Vicki says:


    I envy your gift for laughter and forgiveness.

    No matter which episode you’ve shared on your blog – the end result just deepens your love for each other.

    (Probably enjoyable by us followers due to your gift for creative writing – I always smile after reading one of your posts. The gift of writing and sharing family tiffs in a positive way is not something many people can do).

  3. ingridrick says:

    πŸ™‚ Yes I can relate to that and it’s so good to be able to see the funny side hey … otherwise we would go stark raving bonkers!

  4. Sorry but I don’t want you frolicking in my house………………

  5. Yeah frolic in the meadows!

  6. Yvonne says:

    Gambol, like a couple of lambs, in the meadow …

  7. Tiny says:

    That’s the best solution! Full 100 pts.

  8. bulldog says:

    Sounds like a normal 21 year old to me…. you and Ant created him and remember he has both of you in him…. maybe he is just being like you were at a young age.??… LOL… revenge …

  9. Luanne says:

    Very charming story! He is a character ;).

  10. mimijk says:

    Love that young man – even when he makes you mad…:-)

  11. Aww, sweet. I love how Ants refereed! ❀
    Diana xo

  12. arlene says:

    Lovely tale of family relationship. You made me smile πŸ™‚

  13. Laughing at the lovely relationships intertwining and depending and supporting and annoying and bolstering and devoted to one another. πŸ™‚

  14. Trisha says:

    What a character that boy is! Your Ming stores always make me laugh. πŸ™‚

  15. Amy says:

    Makes my heart sing πŸ™‚

  16. Rhonda says:

    Love the cheek in him! Wonder where he got that? Hmmmm? His age is such a roller coaster Jules. Everyone thinks once they turn 18, they go from angst and angry to all grown up. NOT! My youngest boy is 26 and I’d say we are on a fairly level keel right now…but it was a while after hitting 21. Hang in there…he’ll love ya even more (and you him) when he does turn the corner. Trust me. xoxo

  17. Lynda says:

    I am going to have to remember that one the next time Bob and I are sparing…
    I will love to see his expression! (Of course, this assumes I have the presence of thought to even remember the line.) πŸ˜‰

  18. isn’t it beautiful that anthony can still bring you all together? i have to say the idea of frolicking is an interesting one!! i don’t think in my whole 60 years i have ever frolicked πŸ™‚

    sending you love and light my friend

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