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on October 10, 2015

I’m sure Blaze was calmer last time I took him into the nursing home to see Anthony. This time, instead of following me in, he ran across the road to a block of flats and wouldn’t come back until I sat down in the parking lot and pretended I had food in my handbag.

Once I’d grabbed him, I carried him into the nursing home to see Ants. I had envisioned a cosy afternoon watching television with Blaze on Anthony’s lap, snoozing. But Anthony was in the dining room and, despite staff being able to get him to shuffle, using his walker, nearly all the way to his room, both a wheelchair and the hoist were eventually required to plonk him into his armchair. In the meantime Blaze and I went out into the back garden area, then visited a couple of the residents, then sat in the foyer.

When Ants was settled, I carried Blaze in and shut the door wishing I’d persevered in trying to find his leash. He was too excited to stay on Ants’ lap for long and kept wandering around curiously and trying to get out. He’d been patted and admired by staff and residents so I guess he wanted a bit more action. I accidentally shot a whole lot of little videos when I was actually trying to take a photo. The following is the only one that doesn’t include my expletive-ridden “Why won’t this camera work?”

Giving up on the camera, I took about 50 photos with my phone, which all look exactly like this one.

Fake caption: Man’s best friend.
Real caption: Jules, take this bloody dog away!

In light of this remark, and, after Blaze had done several hundred laps of Anthony’s room and bathroom, refused to relax on Anthony’s knees, turned his nose up at the water in the water bowl I’d brought in, I decided it might be time to go.

It was at this point that I realised there was a power failure because I couldn’t get Anthony’s television to cooperate. Then I got a text from my mother asking me if I were coming to my brother’s barbecue. I answered saying I thought the barbecue was the next day and I had Blaze so might only be able to drop in for a quick drink.

Unfortunately, my departure from the nursing home was delayed when I couldn’t find my car keys. It was suggested by several Blaze-loving staff that I could re-trace my steps. So I shut Blaze and Ants into Anthony’s room and went back to the flats where Blaze had first run away. No keys. I then went back to my car and looked underneath. No keys. Back inside the nursing home, I went back to all of the residents I’d visited. No keys. I went outside to the garden. No keys. I went back to Ants’ room to find them both nonplussed as I emptied my handbag of all its contents. No keys. I rang my mother and said, “No keys”.

Finally (an hour and a half after annoying everyone in my vicinity, especially Ants!) I remembered sitting in the foyer with Blaze. With hope hugging my heart, I shut Blaze in with Ants and ventured to the foyer and … there they were!

I said a (b)elated goodbye to all, gave Ants a big kiss, and came home, promising myself I would never take Blaze into the nursing home again without a leash; and never ever again lose my car keys.

Today, the latter has already happened!

33 responses to “‘Doggone!’

  1. Vicki says:

    What a ‘to-do’.

    Almost makes one wish for a neck chain to hold keys. I used to do this with the simple set of keys when I went outdoors gardening in my old flat, but now…….the key ring has so many keys and security fobs/swipes that wearing around one’s neck is totally impractical and too heavy.

    It is really worthwhile taking Blaze in to see Anthony? I know most house or bed-bound folk do particularly well with pet visits, but Blaze sounds a wee bit too boisterous?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like an episode from ” I Love Lucy” ! Maybe you could sell it to a TV agent,

  3. Judy says:

    Just reading your post “unleashed” a lot of stress in me! Sounds like you were very “keyed” up. Sorry if puns don’t fit. I actually really feel for you. You have such good intentions and a pure heart. You were really running around trying to deal with far too much. I am glad you were able to write this in such a light hearted way. I suspect it was very sressful and always good to adjust and learn what to do differently next time. You’re so loving!

  4. I am always loosing keys too.

  5. What an adventure! I was exhausted by the very end so I can only imagine what it was for you. xxoo

  6. ksbeth says:

    wow. and love the fake vs. real captions )

  7. Your day sounds adventurous and I agree with Judy — you have such a beautiful heart, in the big scheme of things, I would hazard a guess everyone was quite delighted with your visit — especially because now they have a wonderful story to tell everyone else about you and Blaze’s escapades.

  8. What a comedy of errors 😉

  9. Terry says:

    A detailed visit such as this is why you couldn’t find your keys, but I am proud of what you did for Ants and the residents

  10. Rhonda says:

    What a freakin’ day!!! Phew…good thing we have new ones every 24 hours eh? Very funny storytelling Jules. xoxo

  11. tootlepedal says:

    The car key saga is only too familiar. I hope that you found them the second time too.

  12. Oh my Julie. Some days, it’s just better to stay in bed. 😉
    Diana xo

  13. Lynda says:

    Julie, dogs never do what you want them to. Especially when off leash! Keys, well, they never do what you expect them to do. Especially when off leash! I keep mine on a leash in my bag. The car keys are separate from the house keys and always get stowed in the same pocket in my purse before I get out of the car. And just so you know, I’m not gloating, I still lose them… when I forget my rule and put them into the wrong pocket in my purse or lock them into the car! 😉

  14. Judith Post says:

    I hate that panicked feeling when I can’t find my keys! What a visit you had. We have a noisy, excitable chihuahua/pomeranian mix. Whoever combined those two dogs should NEVER have done it. He came to us as a stray, and we love him, but he sounds like your Blaze. Way too much energy.

  15. Why or why do we lose our keys, and by we, I mean other people not me, I rarely lose my keys I hang them up as soon as I walk in the house and I attach them to my handbag while out buy my daughter Kathy-Lee is forever losing her keys and getting into a tiss over losing them

  16. Julie, I just wish I was walking along with you. Cussing with you about the camera and the keys. And Ants comments about the dog (the honest caption). I have a feeling it would have felt funnier if someone was there laughing with you WHILE it was happening. I love love love your humor.

  17. we all have days like this, we just don’t all have the courage to tell others about it:) love the pics, would never have known the back story. sending you love and big warm hugs

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