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WordPress ‘like’ problems

on January 11, 2016

Whenever I read posts, I can make comments but there is no facility to simply ‘like’. Is anyone else having this problem?

17 responses to “WordPress ‘like’ problems

  1. shoreacres says:

    I just checked my settings to confirm — this isn’t precisely a problem, but a feature. There’s a box on the settings page that has to be ticked for the “like” function to be enabled. I’ve not enabled likes on my blog, because I would rather have a two-word comment than a “like.” Shoot, I’d rather have a one-word comment than a like. 🙂

    So it may be that you’re bumping up against people who haven’t turned on their likes. They can be enabled for all posts, or individual posts.

  2. Vicki says:

    Some blog templates don’t seem to be set up to show the Like button and some do. Not sure if the blog owner has deliberately done this in their ‘settings’ or its the actual template not being able to show it.

    Many WordPress Templates have very different options. I’ve changed my template several times and discovered this.

    I follow an Alaskan blog which doesn’t show the Like button on the blog (only the comment section), so in order to Like a post, I have to click on the Like button which DOES show on the email ‘new post’ notification in my gmail inbox.

    Sometimes WordPress do a software update and mess up all sorts of things. I don’t think WordPress designers make software updates which are necessarily compatible with all WordPress Templates, but that’s just my take on weird things that happen from time to time.

    Julie, are you saying you used to be able to press all Like buttons on any blog you follow and now, you can’t?

  3. KDKH says:

    Is your browser up-to-date? Sometimes what I think are WP issues are really browser issues.

  4. susanpoozan says:

    Interesting to read people’s suggestions. I didn’t know about ‘settings’.

  5. Julie.. I’m stretching my memory a bit… but it may have to do with what ‘browser’ you’re using . Can’t always trust my memory though lol Diane

  6. I would bet it’s the mixture of people not enabling their like buttons, some themes you have to hit the title of the actual post before you can like or comment, and some things that are glitch. I haven’t come across this problem yet.

  7. Judy says:

    Hi Julie, I do know that it’s not always possible to “like” a comment or reply. The best way I can do that is in the upper right side of the blog tool bar. There’s a box that represents comments and it’s a dropdown with the like button.
    I wanted to tke this opportunity to share that it’s been really cool learning new blog things at the WordPress Blogging University. I signed up for a “course” and basically it’s about getting inspiration and ideas to improve your blog. It also involves giving and getting feedback. Was kind of fun and new for me – no pressure, as it can be done if and when I choose. I changed my theme! Anyway, just sharing.

  8. ksbeth says:

    in my experience, some blogs are set up to feature this button, and others have opted out of it, or are not sure how to add it.

  9. Trisha says:

    I’ve only come across this on a few blogs so I assumed they had turned off their “likes”. But I’ve been having other issues, like not being able to reply to comments from the notifications page, so there are some odd things going on. I hope you can get it sorted out.

  10. Luanne says:

    Are you reading through your reader or directly on the blogs? Whatever the answer, I don’t have an answer unfortunately! But it might help to know that if you try to contact WordPress!!!

  11. tootlepedal says:

    It is sometimes caused by your own security program.

  12. It is not happening with me.
    If you don’t have any luck, you can go onto a firum and ask the question and someone from wordpress will get back to you.

  13. Outlier Babe says:

    Julie, I’ve been reading dozens of your posts, not commenting. Of all the touching things, to choose THIS! Nonetheless:

    Yes to what everyone else said, but in addition, WP did something unknown and unannounced around January which caused the Like button to load inordinately slowly so that it appears a blog doesn’t even offer it. The problem seemed worse on phones.

    I think it’s better now, but still doggy.

    I came to your blog from Iris’s place. I won’t be staying because I can’t keep up with my life and blogs I already follow. But your writing is so clear, spare, intruguing–it reminds me of the voices of characters in the books by Vera and Bill Cleaver (“Ellen Grae, Lady Ellen Grae”, “Where the Lilies Bloom”…), whose writing I admire a great deal.

    I’m sorry you are at a low place right now. I am climbing out of a six-month low myself. Life is really tough. It is so difficult to keep hold of such simple concepts:

    “Worry is ALWAYS pointless. It helps nothing. It only makes you sad or anxious.”

    “More than one well-considered regret about any action taken or not taken is ALWAYS pointless. See above.”

    Small pleasures are often all we get. We need to magnify these moments and stop to say “Thank you” for our senses.

    Try, every day, to
    – Get outside, at least once
    – Walk (or bike) at least a half-hour
    – Listen to a classical music piece, or other multi-part music with harmony
    – Before bed, consider yoga, or a half glass of wine–or both

    My best to you.

    –O. Babe

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