wings and things

Imagined conversation 80

on February 1, 2019

Me: Oh, Ants, everything is terrible!

Anthony: I know, Jules, I know.

Me: So why haven’t you done anything to help me?

Anthony: I am a long way from being an angel yet.

Me: Did I do the right thing?

Anthony: Yes.

Me: What could I have done differently?

Anthony: You could have done it sooner.


9 responses to “Imagined conversation 80

  1. You can always count on Anthony to support you. It’s wonderful that you still know this.

  2. Judy says:

    Now I’m curious – this is so ambiguous and vague. Tell us, Julie. What could you have done sooner?

  3. Sooner, later, it gets done when it gets done.

  4. Lynda says:

    He’s always so sensible. Julie, I hope what you did/had to do(?) was at least fun. ❤

  5. angelasommers says:

    Well, dear Julie, I do miss your posts; I look forward to when you can make it back to blogging again. Wish you all the best !

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