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Chapter 43: The nursing home decision [January 30, 2012]

on October 11, 2021

Today I found the post I blogged on this dreadful day. It was a relief to find the date and even a relief to find my anguished words from that decisive day. The decision to alter Anthony’s two weeks of respite care in the nursing home to permanent care was made mutually by Anthony, Ming and me because we were told the room/his room wouldn’t be available unless we took the offer immediately.

I tried to copy/paste my words from that day but it didn’t work which is probably good because it is a very painful memory.

Anthony’s incredible bravery that day never fails to astound me. At that time, his Parkinsonism was advanced but the dementia that went with it was still at bay. He didn’t know how confused he was and he never found out because I made sure of that; I didn’t want to embarrass him, ever.

We had embarked on a new story – the nearly six years in the nursing home, our broken hearts regrouping into a clumsy contingency plan.

It would be okay. We had each other: the three of us – Ants, Ming, me.

4 responses to “Chapter 43: The nursing home decision [January 30, 2012]

  1. Who I am says:

    I sadly remember that post. Hugs

  2. Not an easy choice, but one most of us need to make at some point.

  3. beth says:

    embarking on a new story, without knowing what will happen, is terrifying

  4. susanpoozan says:

    You had each other, wonderful.

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