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Chapter 45: Auntie Dorothy

on October 13, 2021

For the many years before and after Anthony and I got married, the most wonderfully unusual, dignified and fun person used to come and stay at the farm. Often!

Auntie Dorothy was Gar’s brother’s wife but, as both of Gar’s brothers had died before I met the family, it took me awhile to understand her place in the family. She had been married to Robin Menzies Fergusson Stewart and this is where Anthony got the idea of naming our Ming Menzies.

She and I would smoke cigarettes and drink brandy out on the back veranda and laugh our heads off at Anthony’s low-ride shorts. We would have naughty, gossipy conversations.

For at least a decade Auntie Dorothy was my ally, my confidante, my mentor. Before our marriage, she would always warn me if the other woman were around; she would let me gabble out my heartbreak to her; but she didn’t easily tolerate my tears.

But Auntie Dorothy also always believed that Anthony and I were kind of fated to be together and she was one of the first to congratulate us on our engagement as she had been privately coaching Anthony on tips about how not to lose the girl of your dreams. Apart from my mother, she was the most delighted!

One of the things that Auntie Dorothy helped me with most was the terrible hurl of backlash just before and just after Ants and I were married. She tried to be a conduit between the two brothers who she loved so much and I will never forget her for that attempt.

Auntie Dorothy sat with my mother at our small wedding table, at our small wedding – just siblings and special people. Her infectious, encouraging, cheeky smile gave me the courage to carry on, to be pragmatic, to last the distance.

The farm was on Paradise Road. Auntie Dorothy and I used to walk together up and down this road until one day she said she would prefer to walk alone as she had become so slow. I miss her in so many way but that walk is what is miss most.

Auntie Dorothy.

5 responses to “Chapter 45: Auntie Dorothy

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a tribute to one of a dying breed of women. Auntie Dorothy, I salute you for the friend and believer you were for these two beloved family members of yours.

  2. susanpoozan says:

    What a wonderful person, she must have been so special.

  3. What a wonderful woman and post

  4. Always good to have someone on your side. She sounds wonderful! Is she she here? Can you have a visit together minus the walk?

  5. beth says:

    you are so lucky to have found each other

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