wings and things

Chapter 49: The wink [1978]

on October 20, 2021

I miss Anthony so much so that sometimes I forget to breathe.

Our love story was breathtaking because it was so unlikely; it wasn’t just the 23-year age difference, it was also an enormous cultural shift for me, fresh off the mission fields of PNG, plonked into the local grammar school, unhappy with my freckles….

When Anthony first winked at me, over the meat-pies at his and Gar’s dining room table, I thought I had imagined it but, when he winked again, I knew the wink was real. At the time, I didn’t know what that wink meant and I am pretty sure Anthony didn’t either. It was a tiny little breath of time, light and easy for him I guess, but rock solid for me.

My wonderful winking, laughing husband: I would give endless breaths to have one more wink.

4 responses to “Chapter 49: The wink [1978]

  1. Who I am says:

    Wonderful memories you carry within your heart

  2. Anonymous says:

    The way you capture and are able to share the moment, is absolutely magical.

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